About Us

Miners and Smithers of Runescape

Who are we?

Masors is a skill clan, particularly Mining and Smithing, centred around a friendly community of people with a common interest in RuneScape. We were founded in late summer of 2003 and have been through a lot as clan. We have continued to grow, and our user base consists of many highly experienced players.

You can find more information on our Clan Wiki.

Our History

You can read a general history of our clan between 2003 and 2006 here (lots of images). It's long! The complete history of MaSoRS can be found here

Drop Parties

In the past there have been multimillion drop parties, we have given away many rares, even a few party hats, and god knows how many sets of rune. Here's a video showing one of our many drop parties:

Our most recent party was held on August 27th 2011. You can read of it's success here.

Click here for more vids and here for more pics

Our Community

Masors has a well-moderated and friendly forum where members can chat, discuss various topics, and organize events. We have several hundred members. All members are encouraged to lead their own events and contribute to the community.


Every Saturday at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST we host F2P clan events. We host many events such as.. Trips to mines (Such as the Hob Mines in the Wilderness), Smith Courses, Skilling Competitions, Firefests, Parties, and a few combat events for fun. We also host many P2P events such as minigames or monster killing. Each week we also do Penguin hunting and Tears of Guthix together. Here is a video of a Stealing Creation Trip:

Here is a video of our Chaos Elemental Trip:

We also have long running competitions from time to time, such as Bank of the Month and EXP of the month.

You can find more information on our events here.


Here is a quick breakdown of the clan's structure.

Leaders - The leaders head the overall coordination of the clan and moderate the forum.

Senior Member - The senior members moderate the forum and help with the leadership of the clan.

Advisory Council - The advisory council are a small group of members that have retired from RuneScape, but still play an active moderation roll in the clan. They help mentor the moderators, advise the leaders and are active forum contributors

Elite Members - The elite members moderate sections of the forum and contribute to leading the clan.

Member Emeritus - Those who have stepped down from their modding position will be given this rank.

Old School - These are members who have been in the clan for over 3 years, have a post count above 500, and have a rating of 0 or above.

Members - Other members hold no official position of responsibility other than following the rules of the clan. Every member in the clan can schedule and lead events or post whatever appropriate topics they want – it's a totally open environment for everyone.

Associates - Associates can still post on the boards and talk in #Masors however they are not officially members of the clan. People become an associate if they are joining a new clan with a 1 clan rule or if they are leaving for a long period of time and don't want their account deleted.

Admin - Jardeath is our host/admin, however he has no leadership position within the clan.