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  2. 4grace1


    Smithing - 61 mining - 78 Player name 4grace1 I would like to join your clan. I have not been on in many years and just started back into runescape.
  3. Granny5001


    My RS name is LaAmistad Smithing level is 67. Mining level is 58. I found your Clan on Reddit. Currently doing a lot of smithing and mining.
  4. Coldsteelx


    Thank you for your application Wolf and welcome to Masors! Here's a couple of sections you may be interested in looking at: The Clan Development Act Monthly Skilling Competitions Clan Events and Competitions Masors Discord Server Upcoming events: DXP competition on DXP weekend (23rd-26th Feb) where we have a bond up for grabs, plus regular PvM events will be available on Saturdays I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  5. Wolf Sagara


    My RS name is Wolf Sagara. Smithing level is 69. Mining level is 64. I found your Clan on Reddit and it sounded like a good match to me. Mining and Smithing are my favorite skills I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs!
  6. After a long month of many gains, I have finally maxed!

    1. Coldsteelx


      Congrats again Haichu :D Good luck with Comp!

    2. Jekka


      Congrats! :)

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