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  1. I will just post my questions here and then we will see if anyone can answer. 1) When MaSoRS was founded in 2003, what were the other active and biggest skilling communities/clans/services/businesses, etc.? 2) The drop parties attracted many people. Would it be ok to say that it was primarily these drop parties that caused the clan to grow over time? 3) Did the creation of Mining Golds in 2009 affect MaSoRS at all? I am asking this because Mining Golds instantly became the most well-known Mining community. 4) Has the MaSoRS clan always revolved entirely around Mining and Smithing or has there
  2. I have moved your thread to "Public Discussion", please let me know if you can no longer see it, but you should be able to

  3. Hello everyone, My name is July. I have just had a conversation with wildman18dew in-game and he told me it was okay to post in this forum. I have been working on an informative e-book about the history and development of RuneScape. One of the chapters will be about the clan world of each of the three main communities (PvP, PvM, skilling) and I thought that I should also write something about Masors in it. I have already had a look at the clan history page and it contains a lot of useful information. However, I would also like to find out more about the entire skilling clan scenery of 2003 and