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    Haven't seen you in a while. A few of the old crew is still about here and there. Your old forum account is still active(even tho the last post looks to be 2011) if you can remember the pass. ~dragon~
  2. If it would have been a blue crown I'd have asked if he mooed at them. ~dragon~
  3. I think this falls into what I said before about business and churches not wanting to participate and them finding a new church. Eventually people will smarten up about this. If you sue your own church, win or lose, you will most likely no longer have many/any friends left inside the church(think Amish shunning). On a side note is a church wedding really all that important? Don't a lot of people marry in other more scenic places now(beach in Hawaii, mountain resort, ect..)? ~dragon~
  4. I know I shouldn't, but it was sent to me and well.... Warning: language and a joke I should probably feel bad for laughing at... http://i.imgur.com/ZkAuIbD.jpg ~dragon~
  5. I've always had a little trouble with the whole church/religion thing. If your in a religion/church that preaches against certain activities then aren't you in the wrong church/religion? Instead of expecting the church and it's members to just forget what they believe in they should go find a new church that is more in line with there chosen activity/lifestyle. ~dragon~
  6. Sadly some people just don't know when it's time to give up and let people live the lives they choose. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/conservatives-resist-gay-marriage-ruling-texas-defiant/ar-AAcccqw In the last few years there have been stories here and there about churches or business who refused to be a part of gay marriages for religious reasons. Usually this resulted in a lawsuit and media coverage trying to force them to participate. I'm sure we will see a lot more of them soon as more and more couples try to marry. To me the lawsuits just seem pointless. Why would you want to force someone into participating? They would likely have a bad attitude, do poor work, an just make the day a royal pain for those hosting it. The couple would be better off finding people who want to be there. ~dragon~
  7. Occasionally have free time, can confirm. Grats on the house. With her being pregnant at the time did you get a say in how the inside looks(furniture, paint, ect..)? If your lonely in osrs check out legacy mode in the current version. ~dragon~
  8. What's that? The good ole days? I think I remember those. We don't delete ranked members unless they request it so the old Me account(Dorian) is still there. All you have to do is remember the pass. ~dragon~
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    It seems there was a miscommunication in your validating process. It should be fixed shortly. ~dragon~
  10. Hello and welcome to Masors. Be sure to drop by the welcome wagon and say hello when you get a minute. ~dragon~
  11. Someone who's skinnier then me. I average between 130 and 140 pounds. Been that way for years tho it seems to stay closer to 140 lately. Old age is setting in I guess. ~dragon~
  12. Since he said fatass in the title can we turn this into a cartman topic to? ~dragon~
  13. You realize this is the public forum area? Meaning anyone(not just masors) can see it. You could put it in ot for a more private(clan only) log if you wish. So doing the math that's roughly 250 pounds and you'd be happy under 175. Once you get into a routine/diet you can stick with it will make this a lot easier. Just don't go overboard and then give up. I wish you luck in finding the balance. ~dragon~
  14. Capt obvious here saying.... anytime you sell something for less then you paid for it your losing gp. If they are dropping that much is it worth the effort to keep selling and rebuying them? ~dragon~
  15. Don't forget to tip the elvis minister. ~dragon~
  16. Which 1 fits better? or Grats on getting married. Are Masors invited? ~dragon~
  17. Hello and welcome to Masors. Be sure to drop by the welcome wagon and say hello. ~dragon~
  18. Hello and welcome to Masors. Be sure to drop by the welcome wagon to say hello. ~dragon~
  19. Welcome to Masors. Be sure to drop by the welcome wagon and say hello. ~dragon~
  20. Looks like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is having a free trial weekend. I might even check it out if I have the time. ~dragon~
  21. Welcome to . Drop by the welcome wagon when you have time. ~dragon~
  22. ^^^learn to make your own. ~dragon~