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  1. I remember you! Just proves that they all come crawling back some day hehe
  2. I've thought about the classification of Pluto as a planet or just an icy rock floating in space. It still doesn't change my life.
  3. You set the microwave on 'defrost' for some reason, not 'reheat'. With a coin of course, not a bill. If you use a cubic inch of plutonium, you create Mew with special attacks!
  4. Not quite church ethics to sue someone to force their hand is it? So not very Christian, as the expression goes. Suing is purely done out of egocentric interest, most often money and being a pain in society. Disallow suing! Examples: You ordered a coffee. OF COURSE IT'S HOT! Did you attend biology and physics classes? WELL THAT'S WHY YOUR CAT DIED IN THE MICROWAVE! Rant over.
  5. There's the nicer/better way of saying what I thought. Thank you Dragon!
  6. When various European countries legalised same-sex weddings, Facebook didn't let you change your profile picture to a rainbow I still have difficulty with "legal/civil marriage" vs "holy matrimony". Why are LGBT so intent on wanting "matrimony" when "marriage" is pretty much an equal alternative? I'm quite cynical about this kind of thing, I know.
  7. Imma invade the land of SDal. Watch out!

  8. Been playing a bit of "Age of Conan-Unchained" recently. Was free on Steam I think, and looked cool. Turns out it is! Got stuck around level 10 (of 80) for a while, but now lv35 and going smoothly. Bit like GW in the sense that it's very quest-based, but it's a bit more realistic (magic aside). My assassin looks more like a pirate ^^ That is all.
  9. I'm 85kg, so 187 lbs (or 13.4st for the UK), for 5'11". I started at 80kg before uni, but haven't done any sports since. Not bad for 3 years of sitting around I think, but I'm finally going to try and get back down to 80 (or at least avoid getting heavier).
  10. Well that plan to get a smithing level over the weekend was a big flop...

  11. 2 naps in the evening: Set for work!

  12. Such productive days should be celebrated!

  13. Don't really have hobbies at uni I guess. I go to the pub and am part of 2 association committees
  14. Was it the bottle of bad wine, or the beers afterwards which lead to an eventful night?

  15. Term starts. Bring on the fun :D