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  1. You should be able to reset if you have access to the email account, if not pm me the email account and that should be enough to confirm you are who you say and I can reset the stuff maybe.
  2. Drupal + IPB all patched and up to date.

  3. Upgrade to Invision Power Board 3.4.5 complete, any issues let me know.

    1. Tommy
    2. si verion

      si verion

      i got an issue i'll pm you

  4. I am currently updating the forums to version 3.4.5, they may go down for a bit in the next hour or so due to this.

  5. Nope.

    1. Silver


      dogs eating dogs

    2. mactown08


      canabalism is frowned upon these days ^

  6. 5m herblore, 5.5m summoning, 1.5m smithing xp this weekend, 16 hours elapsed time

  7. now with www.masors.com - check it out

    1. Fishin4mypkr
    2. dsquirrelgm


      For a minute there I thought you were changing the site address on us ... glad to see it's just a domain redirection to the current site. Although, perhaps that's not such a bad idea.

  8. "Not" breaking the forums