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  1. you can also use many other colors by doing [color=#9933FF]PURPLE![/color] PURPLE! I use this website for the color codes and yeah, great guide
  2. thanks everyone, just posted some more stuff, check it out if you want.
  3. lol I wouldn't call it concise, since it's the longest guide I've ever written, just detailed I guess. thank you for your compliments. also, after I wrote this guide, tormented demons seemed to be really mad at me. Got piled many times and even died to a 3 big hits in a row KO. (wasn't paying attention and pressed the wrong shortcut key by mistake)
  4. The Tormented Demons Slaying Guide By: Song712 Guide History 1/12 - Updated FAQ, Fighting the Monster, Dealing With Respawn and made minor changes to Inventory. 1/11 - Moved to Guides from Submissions, thanks. 1/10 - Corrected some mistakes and wordings. 1/10 - Guide posted Introduction: After completing the famous "grandmaster" quest While Guthix Sleeps. The location where you killed the boss monsters will now spawn Tormented Demons when you return. It is a multiple combat location but there are many safe spots so you can kill one at a time for their drops. Click here to go to Zybez's monster database on Tormented Demons. Tormented Demon is much like Jad, they both use all three kinds of attacks. (explained below) Thankfully, Tormented Demons don't hit as hard as Jad, (max of 30 with each attack style). Demons also hold onto their attack style for 7 or 8 attacks before they switch, and they often switch without notice. Sounds tricky? This is why this guide is here for you, read on. (only if you want to kill them, because this guide is one of the longest guides I've ever written) Requirements: Must have: Completed While Guthix Sleeps quest. A decent internet and computer so you don't lag/disconnect/crash during the fight. A good gravestone. Stats: Acceptable: 80+ in attack, strength, defense and hit points. 80+ ranged 60+ prayer Recommended: 90+ in attack, strength, defense and hit points. 90+ ranged 70+ prayer Inventory: A darklight is a MUST have, speak to the guy in varrock castle to buy another. A good melee weapon such as whip, dragon halberd or god sword. Super attack and strength potions, range potion, only if you are not brewing. Prayer potions, depends on your prayer level and combat stats. The faster you kill the less potions you need. I started out with 2 and now I need 4, will explain below. Sharks, you may store extra sharks on a Turtle or use a Bunyip/Unicorn. When you first start, it is very likely you will burn a lot of food fast, but as you practice you will need less and less food because you will react faster to switch prayer and avoid damages. But you will also need more prayer potions to support the lengthened time. The sapphire lantern is so you can use the light creatures to travel down the chasm. 1 click teleport, self explanatory. Equipments: This really depends on your personal likings. You can have a really offensive gear like mine maximizing melee and range damage. Or you can have a slightly more defensive gear with DFS and/or verac skirt because you can get hit. Up to you, pick an set, try it out and adapt to your needs. Fighting The Monster: Now you are all geared up, let's analyze the monster we are going to kill in depth. Tormented demons, like the famous Kalphite Queen, is a prayer noob. But demons are slightly smarter than bugs. They all start out with melee prayer when they spawn, but if you do 30 or more damage on them with range, they will change to ranged prayer to protect themselves. So now you will have to switch to melee and deal another 30 or plus damage. Repeat this until they die. Dragon scrimitar special doesn't remove their prayer and verac can hit through it, though not recommended. here is another tricky part, whenever they spawn, they have a flaming shield around them. This shield makes your attack much less powerful. This is where the darklight comes in. If you hit the demon 1 or more damage with the darklight, his flaming shield will be removed temporally. It comes back after a while so you have to switch back to darklight to get rid of it again. Now keep in mind, you can't hit the demon with darklight if he has melee protection on, so you will have to hit him with range and deal more than 5 damage and make him change to ranged prayer, now you can hit him with darklight to get rid of the shield. (stupid demons). On most occasions, the shield will regenerate at least once during the fight, or twice if you are going slow. now onto his attacks. As I mentioned above in the introduction, the demon has three attack styles: mage, range and melee. when he mages, he will bang his head forward and makes a flaming sound effect, the attack itself looks very similar to a fire blast. when he ranges, he swings his left arm and makes a sharp clicking sound, the attack itself looks like a sharp white claw. when he melees, he swings his right arm and makes two cool white lines. Read the following 2 paragraphs, they are important. Make sure you have the right prayer protection for the right attack. If you focus hard, you might only get hit when he switches attack. Which happens every 7 or 8 turns. Sometimes, due to common glitching, he will not perform the animation for the attack or even make a sound you can only see it, if you are getting hurt, it means you have the wrong prayer on. The hard part is you also have to keep an eye on your own attack, switching between melee and ranged in order to deal damage. Remember they change every 30+ damage, so when you deal 20 damage then 23, switch to the other weapon because you know he will definitely switch prayer. The F4 and F6 hotkeys are EXTREMELY useful in this case. F4 brings up inventory for you to eat and change weapon. F6 brings up prayer for you to change prayer. Just be careful you dont hit the same key twice because that will close the window. This takes a while to get used to but once you have mastered it, you will be able to kill more and more demons in one trip because you will hardly get hit if you have the right prayer on. My personal record when I wrote this guide was/is 15. With 35 sharks and 4 prayer potions. The demon also has another type of attack, on occasion, he will tilt his head backwards and tries to become a super saiyan/demon, no not really, but he forces out a magic attack to your location which has an area damage, he will attack you with a different or the same attack at the same time the magic attack hits you. So this gives him up to 60 damage in one hit if you don't have magic prayer or the attack he used next. Most of the time when he does the super saiyan, he will change the attack, make sure you change your prayer to magic when he does this to limit the maximum damage on you. Also keep your health well above 60. As you can see in this picture, the magic attack flies into the distance but it can still hit you. Dealing with respawning + ect.: It is recommended you stick to one spawning point demon, respawn time isn't long but it gives you enough time to heal up and pick up loots. Here is a confusing picture, which I will explain below: the black thin lines roughly outlines the squares on the ground, the demon takes up 4 squares so he gets stuck easily. while you only take up 1 square. The purple arrow on the mini-maps indicates the direction you run to get to the spot above. Make sure you have mage prayer on when you are in the open because the demons' default attack is mage when they spawn. Now run to either number 1 or 4, lure a demon to you, as he gets closer, move to number 2 and he will be stuck behind the rock and can't attack you, drink your potions here. Now move to number 3 for a brief moment as the demon gets even closer to the rock. Now move to number 4 and start ranging him to get rid of his melee prayer so you can darklight his shield. If you get unlucky and another demon starts maging you from the blue circled location on the mini map, you can move to either of the blue dots on the ground and continue killing, that demon will get stuck behind the rock pointed out by an arrow on the mini-map. After you finished killing your current demon, move on below. On the mini map, there is a brown dot, which indicates a column, run behind the column with mage prayer on and the demon from before will not be able to mage you, so he will walk slowly towards you to try to melee you (you can also leave that demon stuck behind the rock, just make sure you stand at locations where he can't hit you). when he gets pass the brown cross, quickly run to the brown arrow and back to your original position. If you do it right, the demon will get stuck there. You can do this on demons attacking you from other positions too (instead of the blue circle). In the picture above, you can see I successfully trapped 2 annoying demons there. They will stay there until you leave. if you are unsuccessful at the first attempt, then try again, just don't panic and die. If you simply can't trap them and have 2 or 3 on you, just log out and they will move away, so you can try again later with maybe fewer demons. As a last resort, change world. With 2 demons trapped there, if nobody tries to lure one to you, the only demon is capable of attacking you is the one you want to kill, which spawns at the red circle. Repeat the yellow numbers and kill demons until you have run out of supplies. UPDATED, 1/12/09 I may have found a more efficient way to trap annoying demons. I edited the mini-map to deal with two scenarios, think of this as two pictures in one. as a reminder, always have pray on when you are in the open to minimize damage. If the orange circled yellow dot demon comes to bother you, quickly run to the orange spot on the picture and he will be stuck behind the rock, then run back and he will be stuck behind the orange marked rock and won't be able to bother you as you continue to pwn the blue arrowed demon. If the red circled demon wants to play, quickly run to the red dot on the picture and he will be stuck behind that rock when you run back to fight the blue arrowed demon. So there you have it, no matter where they come from, you can always stuck them behind something. Here is an example of how I successfully stuck both of them, the blue dots on the mini-map indicate their spawn point. (pictures limit reached, click the link please) FAQ: Are there other safe spots I can use? Yes there are many, but this one is my favorite, and the only one covered in this guide. Can I mage instead of range? No, period. What if I die? If you have a 4 minutes tombstone, you have a good chance of running back and pick up your items. It is recommended you have at least 2 sapphire lanterns because if you lose one, you can use the spare to travel back for items. When you go back, carry a few food and energy potions, along with the lantern and a teleport. So you can get there quickly and not die while you loot your items. UPDATE: I just died myself the other day, I ran back ASAP using my method above and got all my precious items back, it was pretty tight because the grave died right afterward. I have a 4 minute gravestone, so if you are rich and have a 5 minute gravestone, you should be perfectly fine. I did the quest a while ago, I forgot my way to the demons Go to lumbridge basement, use the bank chest there to get ready. Go through the wall then another wall to the south, then run south until you get to the jumping stones with frogs. Go through the cave and use your sapphire lantern on a light creature and pick "go down the chasm". After you are down, run along the map, climb up the face thingy twice and go through the tunnel on the face at the top. Now keep going down the map and you will reach the room with demons. Put on mage prayer, run to the spot and start pwning! Should I bring a familiar? YES! A familiar can help you a lot, believe it or not. Even if you have low summoning, creatures like terror bird or even bull ants can carry 9 to 12 extra sharks. The higher summoning the better because not only the familiar can support your health making you stay longer, they can also damage the demon. Their damage can only be protected with Protect Against Familiars, since demons don't use that, familiars can deal a lot of damage, don't underestimate them. Summon them close if they get stuck. Also, familiar damages does not count toward the 30-or-more-damage-then-the-demon-switches-prayer thingy. In conclusion, I hope you learned something from this long guide I wrote. I hope you will have better luck than me at those demons. Click here to see my log on killing Tormented Demons. Credits: - To this guide for teaching me the basics. So I can write a guide and pass my personal experience down to you all. - To Jagex for creating a cool boss monster with cool drops. - To Masors for supporting me in this guide. - To PhotoBucket for image hosting. - To MS Paint for image editting. - To awesome food for filling me up so I can write this guide. - Wait, I think I've gone too far, blah. anyway, THANKS!
  5. I dont like the working on the bench because you have to scroll down and look for the item. I see you used a smiley in my collection as ur avvy
  6. yeah, about 2-5 ppl there usually. if you meant the place near cws
  7. hmm, yeah, I guess what way is better when you dont have 40 construction or too lazy to get sticks.
  8. Yah, but a load of gems can get you a few thousands at a time i think. And this for the tips Saris, ill put that down. Bnncer: No that way its slower, i have tried it. Its almost always crowed there and with only 1 tree. The place in my guide has like 10 teak trees and 5 mahogany trees. With about the same amount of walkings. 100 trading sticks isnt a lot to pay every time.
  9. Guide to fast Teak & Mahogany Logs By Song712 -----Introduction:----- With contruction been the hottest skill at the moment, you would want to train it high. But in order to get high level fast, you would want to use high level planks like Teak and Mahogany. Too poor to buy them yourself or just wanna make some money fast? This is the guide for you! Also, before you read on. You should have at least 40 Construction with 15k to spare and completed the quest Jungle Potion, (Completed Shilo Village is recommended) Otherwise this cutting method won't work well. Teak: -Requires 35 woodcut level to chop -Tall, white -500gp per plank trade at Sawmill -Cost: ~500-1,000 per log, ~1,000-2,000 per plank Mahogany: -Requires 50 woodcut level to chop -Tall and thick, looks like a larger version of oak -1,500gp per plank trade at Sawmill -Cost: ~1,000-2,000 per logs, ~2,000-3,500 per plank (For more imformations on how they look like, click here) NOTE: The prices arent 100% accurate, they are changing from time to time. -----Getting Ready:----- First, you need the woodcut level to get the logs you want (see above) Now you need some trading sticks, "How do I get them?" you ask? Go to Shilo Village with a pick and a charged glory ammy (wear it), and mine the gem rocks there, they are really easy to get with a charged glory ammy! Cut them and store them in your bank, (Don't cut Topaz gems if you have a low crafting level) once you have done about 2+ loads of gems, grab all the Opals, Jades and Topazes in noted form. Now walk to another village north of Shilo and trade in all your gems for trading sticks. Now you should have plenty of them. For more imformations about Trading Sticks, click here -----How to get there:----- The main idea is to move your house to Brimhaven (Requires 40 Construction) Then use your house as a teleport desternation to cut those trees. Blue: Approx location of house portal Red: Walking/Running route. There are... [==8 Teak Trees==] [==4 Mahogany Trees==] First, put on boots of lightness and a hachet. Grab a duel ring, teleport runes to your house. (1 earth, air and law) and 100 trading stix Now teleport to your house, then go out of the portal, now you will be in Brimhaven. Follow the route to the trees location, click on the gate and pay 100 trading sticks to a NPC to go in. Or use right click shortcut: Now chop any kind of tree you want, you can afk and look on the forums. Or just talk to people in mIRC. When you have a full load, rub your Duel Ring and teleport to Castle Wars for bank, then repeat the steps until you have the amount of logs of your desire. -----Tips/Advises:----- Thanks to Saris, Bnncer, and Haldir140 for the following tips/advises. ~~~~~ When you have a load of logs, you can teleport to your house and make your Servant run the logs to the Sawmill, and then you can use it right away. And then repeat the steps. With this method you dont have to go bank, (only if you have a high level servant) ~~~~~ If you dont have 40 construction or too lazy to get sticks, you can go to a teak tree southwest of Cws. There is only one tree there so might be a bit slow when its crowed. (A picture of this route is in the replies) ~~~~~ There are also some teaks and mahogany trees in the kazari jungle (Requires quest Legend) Not a lot of ppl there but its a long walk, only place to chop mahogany trees when you don't have level 40 construction. (sp?) -----F.A.Q:----- How much exp. do I get per oak, teak or mahogany plank? You get 60 exp per oak plank, 90 exp per teak plank, and 140 exp per mahogany plank. Those exp doesnt change no matter how many planks you use at a time. So always use as many as you can to shorten the time. I like to do it on Oak Larder, uses 8 oak planks at a time, gives 480 exp. I make it then remove it and repeat. I recommend you use oaks to train, they don't cost a lot and got a good exp. (Completed) -----Credits:----- RuneHq: For some links Masors: You:
  10. woohoo im like half way there to get the spell!! WOOT i still need like 250 alching points and 200 telegrab points I gonna camp at dusties once im done
  11. also, i like to set my recovery to random letter and write them down on a piece of paper and tuck it in my underwear (jk) if u lose ur recovery questions, there is 1% chance of getting ur account back for good. great guide mom
  12. lol a memory stick can be very expensive and you dont wanna use it just for your recovery question. also if you use it often, someone might steal it from you. Good suggestion on the foreign language, thx. Song712
  13. Guide to Anti-Hacking By Song712 Contents I. Introduction II. Setting a password III. Setting a bank PIN IV. Setting a password recovery V. Where VI. Spywares I. Introduction You want your account to be safe? You want your items safe? Then you should read this guide, this guide will help you NOT to get hacked. II. Setting a password Yes, one of the most important aspects to keep your account safe. I think this is old, but you should tell absolute NO ONE your password, not even your best friend irl, not even Jagex staffs, because Jagex staffs will NEVER ask for your password or anything related to it. Also don't use the same password as you use it on other fourms and sites. Also, you may want to set a password that is really hard to guess. Use combinations of numbers and letters, also space bars if possible. Make the password long and be able to type it using both hands. Do not use numbers alone and do not use things like your birthday, name, and other easy to get personal information. It’s the best that you come up with a word created by yourself, or your personal saying, or use foreign language words that use letters. Make it unique! III. Setting a bank PIN Jagex released this awesome anti-hacking feature not long ago, to set a bank PIN, log into RS and talk to any banker to set a PIN. PIN stands for Personal Identify Number. You should ALWAYS have a bank PIN, even if your passwords get stolen, your bank can still be safe because of your PIN. Even though you can’t be hacked by someone only knows your bank PIN, you still should not give this away to anyone. So set a good hard to guess bank PIN, don’t use numbers like 1337, 1111, 2222, 1234, ect… Also DON’T use numbers that’s related to your birthday, ect… Use numbers like the last 4 or the first 4 digits of your personal combination lock, or like a combination of your favorite numbers. IV. Setting a password recovery To set password recovery, you have to find a link on RS main page that says “Set password recovery” I suggest make questions and answers that make absolute no sense at all. Questions like, “OMG I like cheese! Do u?” or “Are you a noob?”. But instead, you put totally random answers like “asdfjkh234” or “218jdh8yfdshi”. How am I gonna remember them you ask? You write it down of course! You write down the answers on a piece of paper using a pen (pencil marks can come off easily). Then you store the piece of paper somewhere in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to make multiple copies. Try not to save it on your computer or memory disks or sticks. V. Where Where involves where you play RS, avoid playing in public areas like in a public library. Because someone could have installed spyware on it and you wouldn’t notice. Also someone might be staring at your keyboard while you type your password or clicking on your bank PIN. If you must play in a public area, always look around before you type your password. Type your passwords at the same time while looking around if possible. You should also do the something with bank PIN. Once I did the first two numbers of my bank PIN when my friend was watching me, I didn’t even realize. VI. Spywares Do not download anything related to RS from any unofficial website. They may contain spywares like keylogger to steal your password. Run spyware check once in a while to make sure your computer is spyware free. A good spyware kill program I use is called SpyBot. You can download it here: Its absolute free and you can use it as long as you want. For information on how it works, look on the site. Also, when ever you log in, check the IP address found at the top of the welcome screen. It should be the same every time if you use the same computer every time. If its not and it looks odd to you, run spyware check immediately. If you found a keylogger or such, kill it and THEN change your password. A hacker might not know your bank PIN but know your password, so the hacker might be waiting for you to take out valuable items and log out. Then they can steal the items. Another reason you should bank your valuable items every time you stop playing for the day. So yeah, I hope this guide helped you. Thanks for reading. Song712