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  1. you can also use many other colors by doing [color=#9933FF]PURPLE![/color] PURPLE! I use this website for the color codes and yeah, great guide
  2. thanks everyone, just posted some more stuff, check it out if you want.
  3. lol I wouldn't call it concise, since it's the longest guide I've ever written, just detailed I guess. thank you for your compliments. also, after I wrote this guide, tormented demons seemed to be really mad at me. Got piled many times and even died to a 3 big hits in a row KO. (wasn't paying attention and pressed the wrong shortcut key by mistake)
  4. The Tormented Demons Slaying Guide By: Song712 Guide History 1/12 - Updated FAQ, Fighting the Monster, Dealing With Respawn and made minor changes to Inventory. 1/11 - Moved to Guides from Submissions, thanks. 1/10 - Corrected some mistakes and wordings. 1/10 - Guide posted Introduction: After completing the famous "grandmaster" quest While Guthix Sleeps. The location where you killed the boss monsters will now spawn Tormented Demons when you return. It is a multiple combat location but there are many safe spots so you can kill one at a time for their drops. Click here to go to Zybez
  5. I dont like the working on the bench because you have to scroll down and look for the item. I see you used a smiley in my collection as ur avvy
  6. yeah, about 2-5 ppl there usually. if you meant the place near cws
  7. hmm, yeah, I guess what way is better when you dont have 40 construction or too lazy to get sticks.
  8. Yah, but a load of gems can get you a few thousands at a time i think. And this for the tips Saris, ill put that down. Bnncer: No that way its slower, i have tried it. Its almost always crowed there and with only 1 tree. The place in my guide has like 10 teak trees and 5 mahogany trees. With about the same amount of walkings. 100 trading sticks isnt a lot to pay every time.
  9. Guide to fast Teak & Mahogany Logs By Song712 -----Introduction:----- With contruction been the hottest skill at the moment, you would want to train it high. But in order to get high level fast, you would want to use high level planks like Teak and Mahogany. Too poor to buy them yourself or just wanna make some money fast? This is the guide for you! Also, before you read on. You should have at least 40 Construction with 15k to spare and completed the quest Jungle Potion, (Completed Shilo Village is recommended) Otherwise this cutting method won't work well. Teak: -Requires 35 woodcut
  10. woohoo im like half way there to get the spell!! WOOT i still need like 250 alching points and 200 telegrab points I gonna camp at dusties once im done
  11. also, i like to set my recovery to random letter and write them down on a piece of paper and tuck it in my underwear (jk) if u lose ur recovery questions, there is 1% chance of getting ur account back for good. great guide mom
  12. lol a memory stick can be very expensive and you dont wanna use it just for your recovery question. also if you use it often, someone might steal it from you. Good suggestion on the foreign language, thx. Song712
  13. Guide to Anti-Hacking By Song712 Contents I. Introduction II. Setting a password III. Setting a bank PIN IV. Setting a password recovery V. Where VI. Spywares I. Introduction You want your account to be safe? You want your items safe? Then you should read this guide, this guide will help you NOT to get hacked. II. Setting a password Yes, one of the most important aspects to keep your account safe. I think this is old, but you should tell absolute NO ONE your password, not even your best friend irl, not even Jagex staffs, because Jagex staffs will NEVER ask for your password or any