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  1. You'd have to be a contributing author.
  2. When only competitors vote in the selection process...COME VOTE FOR BANK OF THE MONTH


  3. Saturday June 18th is our next meeting.
  4. All parties are able to make it. We are on in a little over 12 hours.
  5. Looking to transition power this saturday June 4th at our usual time. I need to hear from unholy if the Brits can make it.
  6. So today was a momentous day for our heroic adventurers. They conquered the final boss of the Sunless Citadel! While our current quest is essentially complete we are meeting to discuss the future of the campaign and to wrap up/level next weekend. May 28th 8:00AM CST
  7. After a couple weeks off, we got together with everyone except for Trish. It was a day full of exploration and combat. There were lots of little encounters, so I won't go into great detail about those...skeletons, fire worms, big goblins. What was interesting was Aang running up behind one of the enemies and one hitting it surprisingly. This was despite him rolling so many crit misses this session. Aang also successfully farted in a confined space and blamed it on Trish, and she believed it. There was one combat round where 2 players and 1 npc all screwed up royally. We are schedul
  8. I have not heard otherwise, so I still plan on being up for the game tomorrow.
  9. I can say with 90% certainty that my internet will be down from Friday until Tuesday, if I'm lucky. I am going to cancel the game for this week. Please let me know if the following Saturday, May 14, at our usual time works. I hope I can get my ISP out to remount the dish before then.
  10. Since it has been almost 2 weeks since the last post, I figured I better post up what happened. Really not much happened story wise. Our adventurers delved deeper into the citadel. They fought some rats and goblins. They did some looting. They killed some fire worm things. They came away with some pretty sweet loot. All of this occurred in like 4 rooms, so there's not much to tell. Oh, Aang caught on fire punching a worm. That was about the funniest part. We are scheduled for Saturday May 7th at our normal time. NOTE: I may not be able to make the 7th. We are hav
  11. After a month-long hiatus, we finally got back together and delved into the dungeon once again. I took us a little bit to get back into the swing of things, so we only made it through one encounter. After getting the initials out of the way, our brave adventurers decided to go down the purple hole. We play next week Sunday April 17, 2016 @ 8:00 Central, our normal time but on Sunday.
  12. We are still scheduled to play tomorrow morning. I'll be up unless I hear otherwise before too late tonite.
  13. This week... questioned the statue, to which Aang expertly responded "STARS!!!!!". This response opened a secret a secret door, and they walked in. A glowing orb was stuck in a southern alcove, with three similar orbs, although broken, in 3 alcoves to the north. Upon getting close, it began emitting a very annoying sound that left some adventurers nearly paralyzed. After much hardship, the group managed to throw the orb out of the room, which rendered it silent. Not being satisfied, the group decided to experiment with the orb, rolling it back into the room. Upon close inspec
  14. Let's see if G01d reads this and responds. I have no problems with taking a week off if needed.