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  1. 1) When MaSoRS was founded in 2003, what were the other active and biggest skilling communities/clans/services/businesses, etc.? While I can't speak to 2003, in 2005, I found out about Masors from Runescape Community (now Zybez), which was already one of the bigger Runescape forums. This was a time when sites like Sal's and RuneHQ were still in their infancy and stuff like Swiftswitch/Swiftkit didn't yet exist. I never really liked PK'ing so I am not too certain about the clans around at the time. 2) The drop parties attracted many people. Would it be ok to say that it was primarily these drop parties that caused the clan to grow over time? I agree that drop parties were one of the primary reasons for clan growth. We would consistently get a massive influx of new members just after drop parties and our board attendance numbers were highest just after or during a drop party. I'm sure you'll find many members who joined because of a drop party. Of course, there was always consistent organic growth from word-of-mouth, events, advertising, etc. FYI, the current board record was set just after the last major drop party in 2011. 3) Did the creation of Mining Golds in 2009 affect MaSoRS at all? I am asking this because Mining Golds instantly became the most well-known Mining community. As with Josh, I was very active around that time period and have never heard of Mining Golds. I don't think it affected us really, and I don't believe that there was ever any formal or implied "competition" between the clans. 4) Has the MaSoRS clan always revolved entirely around Mining and Smithing or has there been a shift in focus in the course of the last 5-7 years? And if there has been a shift, why? Mining and Smithing has always seemed to be a sort of "suggested theme" rather than a strict focus, even when I joined back in 2005. There were always a wide variety of events and even a small pk-ing sub-team which conducted business under a different name. 5) I seem to have the impression from the history page on this website that MaSoRS might have been the biggest skilling clan of RSC and early RS2. Do you think that is correct or not? If not, what other clans were as big or even bigger? I believe this to be true, large skilling clans were quite a rarity back in the early 2000s. 6) On what is the clan's focus today? I can imagine that the release of the new high-level Mining content since 2009 (LRC, Elf City) might have been bad for MaSoRS. I don't know, ask an active member 7) Is there anything else you want me to mention about MaSoRS (that is relevant)? The person that celt refers to as "Sdal" is me. Board name = Phalonx, RSN = Sdalmonte. Let me know if you would like any further detail on anything
  2. Sadly, I have only been around since 2005 Drew, which falls out of the range of his request I am happy to answer any questions you might have though. Drew, also, can you please ensure that non-member accounts can respond to topics in Public Discussion?
  3. Dear all, You are most cordially invited to the MaSoRs 8th Anniversary Drop Party, tentatively scheduled for August 27th, 2011 (date is subject to change). Location: Al Kharid Time: 3 PM - 5 PM Eastern; 8 PM - 10 PM Britain Total Value of Items to be Dropped: 1.1 BILLION! With the return of free trade comes the return of the MaSoRs Drop Parties! Renowned years past for their epic scale and grandeur, the MaSoRs are proud to announce their 8th Anniversary Drop Party. We will be featuring trivia, random firemaking, and of course, millions of gp worth in items! Our target for this drop party is 200m+ in dropped items. More details will emerge as the date draws closer. Any questions can be posted in this topic or directed to myself. For the Leaders of MaSoRs, SDalmonte Drop Party Coordinator
  4. Not sure about something? One of our posts has you confused? The purpose of this topic is to allow you to have a place to ask questions of the members of MaSoRs, or the other way around! If you got a question, just post it below! Remember, they say that there is no such thing as a stupid question! Anyone is free to answer, provided that they are confident in their answer.
  5. thanks for the award !

    no way i'll stop hosting and attending :)

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    Welcome to MaSoRs
  7. Welcome, and thank you for your interest in MaSoRs. As a longtime clan of Runescape, we value our relationships with fansites and other clans. We welcome opportunities to form and strengthen these bonds and are always interested in what our clan can do for other players of Runescape. Some examples: Inter-clan events (boards or RS) Exchange of site links Official affiliations If you would like to discuss a relationship with our clan on our boards without actually joining, we encourage you to make an account on our boards and make a post below. We would encourage you to give your name, contact info and purpose, but you can include as much or as little detail as you would like. We will have an appointed representative contact you within a few days. Please ensure that you are authorized to speak on behalf of your organization. If, as a representative, you would like access to the full boards (including events) available to members of our clan, you may also apply for an "associate" position. Those who hold this position are equivalent to a diplomat - you will have free access to our boards but will not appear on the member list or be searchable by any member of the public. If you are interested, please discuss this with your appointed representative. Any questions can of course be posted here, or privately messaged to any Leader of the clan. For the Leaders of MaSoRs, SDalmonte
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    Welcome to MaSoRs.
  9. Hi SDal, just stalking your profile. :)

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    You deserve it.