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  1. i'd play with a nuclear device

    1. Jardeath


      I'd play with fire to break the ice.

  2. 1) When MaSoRS was founded in 2003, what were the other active and biggest skilling communities/clans/services/businesses, etc.? When I joined in 2005, all clans had combat requirements it seemed. The only other clan I remember that started around the time I joined is PhoenixFyre/Rising that was skilling based. 2) The drop parties attracted many people. Would it be ok to say that it was primarily these drop parties that caused the clan to grow over time? I joined because I saw a thread for a drop party. We would fill up world 14 HOURS before a drop party. World 14 was one of the least popular f2p worlds but we would cap that world 3+ hours before a drop party. 3) Did the creation of Mining Golds in 2009 affect MaSoRS at all? I am asking this because Mining Golds instantly became the most well-known Mining community. No. I can't recall anyone leaving for Mining Golds nor was their any threads/any pushes to keep members or anything like that...they weren't a threat in any way to us 4) Has the MaSoRS clan always revolved entirely around Mining and Smithing or has there been a shift in focus in the course of the last 5-7 years? And if there has been a shift, why? Never a strict requirement on mining and smithing. Most events we did in 2005-2007 just wouldn't be fun now aka going to the hobgoblin mine or lumbridge mine to mine mith/addy when you can hop worlds and get inventories in 1-2 minutes with harmonized rocks etc. or firefests when you can bonfire for better xp 5) I seem to have the impression from the history page on this website that MaSoRS might have been the biggest skilling clan of RSC and early RS2. Do you think that is correct or not? If not, what other clans were as big or even bigger? I'm not a clan expert but maybe Supreme Skillers? Pheonix Fyre/Rising? I don't remember how big they were honestly. Back then I remember there being 30+ people on the forums on peak times, if not near 50-60 on Saturdays. IRC peaked at probably 30-40 before FCs/CCs 6) On what is the clan's focus today? I can imagine that the release of the new high-level Mining content since 2009 (LRC, Elf City) might have been bad for MaSoRS. Right now we are just more of a general clan with an active citadel and avatars out all the time on our home world 27. We still have the same 60 mining/50 smithing requirements but 99.9% of RS3 players have that easily so I wouldn't even call it a requirement. We still pull 20-25 people on a good Saturday online at once. 7) Is there anything else you want me to mention about MaSoRS (that is relevant)? 8) Would it be ok if I used one of the screenshots (on this clan's history webpage) in my e-book? The owner of any image I pick would be credited, of course. No issue
  3. I have moved your thread to "Public Discussion", please let me know if you can no longer see it, but you should be able to

  4. I have moved this to "Public Discussion". Please let me know if you cannot see thread. This has been passed along in-game and on the forums.
  5. add me on myspace

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      Don't forget to put them in a hotel when you leave

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    4. O W Y N
  6. cats

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      Faylen Sol

      I have... umm... a set of twins that live inside. One that I raised that lives outside but I let inside on occasion. An old cat who had 4 litters before we got her fixed. Her son lives with her outside. Hrm... Oh and that stray that randomly showed up one day.

      I like cats.

  7. join "Masors" cc as a guest in-game
  8. Hi, please join "Masors" CC as a guest and we'll get you in. Thanks!
  9. Met with in game and app is fine. Wait for a leader to move your account to see full forums.
  10. the startup music.... :o. FC for 07scape: M A S O R S

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    Hi, please join our CC as a guest "Masors" in game to join the clan there. App looks good but since you are F2P need to verify levels in game so no hiscores.
  12. Waiting for someone to move you..
  13. Been without power since Friday. Still no internet therefore lots of XP wasting.

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      lol back two hours after posting

  14. Your application is missing something, please re-read and edit your above post after you find it in this thread: Join our CC 'Masors' as a guest and we'll get you started.
  15. And they didn't remove it from the wheel, they just lowered it's chances
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    Welcome to MaSoRs.