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  1. For question # 3: I was really active around that time and I have never even heard of that of that clan before. I was also active in other communities such as Tip.It and RuneVillage (forum communities). Our activity was slowly decaying, but it was in response to major RuneScape updates such as the removal of free trade ~ 2007 if I can recall the years correctly. Judging from the many messages I sent out, complaints, etc. (I complain & whine a lot, and I use to document many things very carefully even for stupid things like a gaming community), 2009 was still a decent year. In fact, a lot of our very active members were still around until a noticeable decline in ~ 2011. A devastating blow was the removal of Hiscores for F2P (I'm thinking this was ~ 2011 if it's matching the trends I have noticed, lol); since then, they have brought it back, but not all of our members came back with it. I don't think our clan was the only ones affected by these updates, but we have had a difficult time recovering from it. The clan activity is "Meh" (it's at a whatever works stage), but it use to be extremely active in the past; almost nothing like any newer members could imagine today.
  2. I think he's just talking about people who have been in the clan since 2003 or '04, and not just general population playing RS since those times.
  3. Yeah congratulations! Marriage is a big step. Welcome back. Guess we have all been a part of this clan for so long that we have seen several people get married, baby posts, etc... It's really neat how far we have come from when it all started here in a kids game kinda fun. Things like this is what keeps me around. Glad to hear your success stories. Continue to share them.
  4. Riding my motorcycle between work and school.
  5. I only played Pokemon on the 3DS. After I finsihed the game, I reset the 3DS and format the game; then I returned both lol. It was fun.
  6. That is quite a list nice!
  7. A lot of people like my sig but I love your sig: "Nobody dies a virgin because life screws us all!" I hope it's not a common cliche because that's the first time I have ever seen it!

    1. Garagedwella


      sorry it's taken me so long to notice your comment. Thank you for the compliment!

  8. It's not being removed from the wheel for a couple weeks I thought?
  9. Still addicted to counter strike just trying to bump this post and get some attention. Some days set the alarms to remind me that I need sleep. They have these Zombie Escape (ZE) maps that get me so pumped - sometimes the maps are full so I will play around in Zombie Mods (ZM). Many people in ZM try to barricade themselves into a room and shoot zombies as they try to enter, but I like to roam and see how long I last. The ZE maps, however, have several tasks and require a lot of team work. You try to get from point A to point B on the map and sometimes you go in circles. The entire map you are escaping from zombies and they could be right on your tail. Sometimes you have to hold 'em off for a while before a certain entrance opens or an elevator goes to a different level; sometimes you just gotta run. If you stay too long, you *will* lose. The fun thing about these kind of maps are that even when you lose, you become a zombie and try to make other people lose too. Fun. Some parts of the game you might have somebody standing next to you become a zombie and then you get the person next to you, and you see everybody dying and people on the mic going like "omg fail" or "damn edge warriors!" It is a lot of fun . The game never ends. And while you are a counter terrorist (CT), the game is so thrilling. There are some very challenging maps that you just want to be there when the team wins, and everything goes smooth for the CTs. That map was a "Mako Reactor" where Cloud plants a bomb at the reactor and then tries to run out. It is one of the most popular maps. I have only won that round once, and was very close to winning this one. I tried to "interrupt" Septhiroths attack but I missed in with all the thrill going through me at once (for nearly winning). It looks like the same happened to a bunch of other people. There are also other maps such as Predator! In this picture, I just died moments ago too. Many other cool themes such as Lord of the Rings, Minecraft, Prototype, Resident Evil, Jurassic Park. The people who create these maps (player made maps, not by Steam) are really creative and did an excellent job . I never pay to play games, I am very glad my brothers bought this game and got me involved. It is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.
  10. OMG would totally F2P that game lol! I, too, love Counter Strike Source. I am so addicted to it lately I have to set alarms to tell me when to go to sleep. The other day I forgot and the sun was already coming up - wasn't even tired for the rest of the day with barely no sleep.