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  1. Hello and thank you for your interest in our clan. Your applications missing one part so please read our rules all the way to the end. Thank you, Firestorm456
  2. yes if you join our clan chat as a guest someone who can validate you should be in there.
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    Hello and thank your for your application. Everything checks out and as soon as we talk to you in game to verify your account you will be validated. Firestorm456
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    erm oops i accidentally deleted you while cleaning out the people who registered and never post. sorry!
  5. Welcome all, to the recruitment topic for the legendary clan, The Miners and Smithers of RuneScape. A clan dedicated to the game, with knowledge, skill, and compassion within our ranks. We have existed for years, since August 28, 2003, and have adapted, changed and evolved to accommodate the game we have all come to love. In this time much has changed, from the evolution of RuneScape Classic to Runescape 2 to RuneScape HD to Runescape 3, the Evolution of Combat, new skills being released, the removal and reintroduction of free trade and the Wilderness - we have seen and experienced it all. The MaSoRS is a skilling and community clan, specialising in Mining and Smithing. We offer a friendly and laid back community centred around our clanchat and forums, and events ranging from skilling competitions to monster hunting to mass conga lines. You don't have to attend events; in fact many members just join our clan to be in our thriving community! We are famous for our multimillion - and multiBILLION GP drop parties. Over the years, we have given away many rares (even a few party hats!), and god knows how many sets of rune. During our latest party in August 2011, celebrating our 8 year anniversary, over 1.5 billion GP was dropped, including a Santa Hat and Blue Halloween mask, and 3,000 sets of rune armour! Here's a video showing one of our many parties: More videos of our drop parties can be found here: We are so much more than a simple clan, we have no affixed general trademark, we are what we are, a clan of friends from all over the world. More so a community, that aids each other, offers support and friendship, offers discussions on any topic imaginable with our set up of rules and forums. If a member has a suggestion, we value their opinions. Every member matters. And so it is my pleasure entirely to offer to you folks the opportunity to become part of the great RuneScape clan MaSoRS, providing you have our relatively low standards for acceptance. What we offer: Very experienced members who offer great knowledge on the game (Especially Mining and Smithing).A Tier 7 Clan Citadel.A thriving and friendly community.Events relating to new releases, or popular events that have worked well in the past.IPB3 forums, with plenty of different categories for different subjects, from serious debates to fun forum gamesA CC channel for laughter, serious discussions, and everything else!Requirments: 60 Mining and 50 Smithing OR85 in either Mining or Smithing.General decency and kindness, and the ability to abide by our simple clan rules.We have no one-clan rule! Pictures: Here are a few pictures and memory's we have: Please Note: Some images are thumbnails and you have to click on them to view them fully. Here's 2 pictures of one of our many drop parties back in Runescape Classic: Here's one of our conga's back in Runescape 2: Venturing deep into the wilderness to mine in Hob Goblin mines: A collage of our September 06 Drop Party: Setting the Mining Guild alight: Visiting forgotten mines of Runescape: Visiting one of our favourite places in Runescape: You can find hundreds of pictures like these on our Photobucket album: If you would like to join MaSoRS, please take a look at this thread for details on how to do so.
  6. The Rules of MaSoRs Welcome and thanks for your interest in MaSoRs! Please read through the rules to ensure your time at MaSoRs is enjoyable and enjoyable for others as well. If you are confused about any point of the rules, please contact a leader for clarification. Before we start, a few brief points: 1. These rules can't cover everything. If it's not stated in the rules, ask a moderator for advice. 2. The Leaders have final say over everything. 3. Leaders and Moderators reserve the right to overrule these rules in extreme cases. 4. Anything conflicts outside clan areas is none of our business, so keep it out of the clan. General Rules 1. All Runescape rules apply to the clan, with the exception of website advertising. Please don't admit to breaking any of the rules; the following are considered instant-ban for us: Macroing, use of bots or softwareReal-world tradingBuying, selling or trading of accountsExploiting bugsStaff ImpersonationScammingEncouraging others to break rulesStalkingIllegal activities2. Language - There is no strict rule against inappropriate, foul or bad language in the MaSoRS clan chat, we simply ask that you do not swear excessively and do not attempt to bypass the RuneScape censor for those who wish to enjoy RuneScape with that option enabled. With no filter enabled on the forums, please refrain from using any profanity on them. Moderators will edit your post and message you regarding the change. 2b. English Only - Everyone speaks English in this clan, but not everyone else speaks the same foreign language. To prevent possible rule-breaking in other languages, we don't allow any language but English. If you want to speak another language, there's other options, like private message and instant messaging. Note: This also includes secret codes! They may be cool, but they aren't allowed. 2c. Harassing, Bullying, Provoking and Slander - Don't abuse your fellow clanmates. This is quite simple to understand and we treat cases of this very seriously. In particular, retaliation is not allowed. Simply add the person to your ignore list, and PM a moderator or two with some evidence. 3. No linking to bad sites - Don't post or disguise a link with pornography or other vile content. If it's a borderline site, like say some rather graphic images highlighting some disease or whatnot, please put a clear warning before the link. Forum specific rules 4. Don't misuse the forums - The forums have many features such as the report button, attachments, and personal profiles. Please don't abuse any of the features. 5. Signatures - Don't put anything offensive in your signature, and please try to limit the length of your signature to a reasonable size. 6. Inappropriate media - Similar to rule 4, don't post any pictures, flash games, videos, etc. which are inapppropriate. IRC specific rules 7. Language - Since IRC is instantaneous communication, we put a language filter to block a select group of the worst words. However, that's not an excuse to use bad language. In addition, bypassing or mimicing the filter is not allowed. 8. Bots, Scripts and Multiple Clients - Please contact a MaSoRs Leader to get these approved, they are otherwise not allowed! 9. Spam - Any form of nonsense is spam, which is not allowed on our IRC channel. Ingame specific rules 10. Killing other clanmates - You are not allowed to kill clan mates while playing a dangerous minigame during a clan event. If you are under attack, say "Masors", and if they continue, try and get a screenshot of some sort in and tell a moderator ASAP. Note: Here's a few scenarios to fully describe this rule a. You are both in a PVP world - Killing is allowed b. You are both playing a dangerous minigame without clan involvment - Killing is allowed c. You are both playing a dangerous minigame with clan involvment - Killing is not allowed So what happens if I break a rule? In general, depending on where you broke the rule, we'll follow this guideline: Forums 1. A warning is given and/or a rating will be taken 2. A second rating will be taken 3. Moderated posting, and removed from all teams 4. Offender recieves a temporary suspension 5. Offender is given a permanent ban from Masors IRC 1. A warning will be given 2. Offender will be kicked 3. Offender will be temporarily banned from IRC 4. Offender is permanently banned from IRC 5. Permanent ban from Masors (If you try to get around the IRC ban) Clan Chat 1. A warning will be given 2. Offender is kicked from the channel 3. Offender is kicked again from the channel 4. Offender is banned from Clan Chat 5. Permanent ban from Masors A few notes: - We don't necessarily have to follow the order, we can skip steps if the offence is serious enough - The three areas aren't exclusive, punishments can affect more than one area at a time. - Please take note that a permanent ban is just that - permanent! We will not unban you if the ban was fairly awarded. If it wasn't fairly modded... (see below) What if I was unfairly modded? If you feel a certain moderator was unfair towards you, or you don't agree with the punishment, the only way to overturn that decision is to contact a leader by private message. Also keep in mind that higher moderators cannot overturn decisions, only Leaders can. We will not publicly announce any decisions or punishments. We will keep matters private and will respect your desire for privacy. Once you have read the rules please copy and paste this into your application post: I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs!