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  1. Lets go with the week off. Tomorrow is starting to look iffy, it turns out its Mothers day in the UK, so I have Sunday dinner to attend.
  2. Hi guys, Afraid James and I can't do next saturday, Stag do for a friend of ours/all day affair. Can do Sunday if thats an option, but I dont think it was for Vince.
  3. Hey guys, super lame of me, but I can not make it tomorrow. I have had a last minute "family gathering" dropped on me by Opheliac. Apologies for the late notice and for missing the game. Happy for the game to go ahead if there is a quorum present, make sure my dude kills some stuff!
  4. Right, so we on for char rolling tomorrow? I still haven't ok'ed it with James coz I keep forgetting. He was round my house for like 6 hrs today, and I still didn't manage it.
  5. Sundays probably do not work for me. 1pm my time is Sunday dinner with the family. Ill have an upset mom if I ditch it to play DnD every week. Later in the day, say 2:30pm onwards should be ok.
  6. I should be ok for that. Ill check with James
  7. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal
  8. Commando's char could be all.....hey guys, i've gotta go on a long trip, but this is my cousin from out of town.
  9. I would be up for it, I can sound out James but he is in New York at the moment, so Ill have to do that next week. I was enjoying the game we were playing though. I was looking forward to getting that character stronger, and I know James was looking forward to expanding his range of spells/miracles. Is that one dead now?
  10. no worries gold, hope it all gets sorted out, whatever it is
  11. I will not be able to stay long this week if DnD is on. I have to leave at 2:30 my time which is 1.5 hrs after start time.
  12. Hi all, My internet was down, and provider was saying they could fix it by 4pm, so 3 hrs late for Dnd, but it looks like we are on a break today anyway