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  1. Best of luck losing the weight.
  2. Hey dude, glad to see things are going well. Haven't spoke in too long.
  3. Oi oi, come back it's boring.
  4. I don't know many people that service long soloing there with cannon XD
  5. PSSSSSSSST!!! PSSSSSSSST!!! I'm older then you!!!

  6. Very useful. Thanks, i'm sure this will help out some of us in the clan!
  7. I used to like making my own stuff, can't explain why i just liked it. Now i just do it for the fun. Collecting bars and MAKING RUNE. I do love smithing rune
  8. Cat in heat = cat get beat.

  9. I fart in your general direction!

  10. Why are strange people visiting my profile... seriously i'm not interesting XD

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    2. pykywannabe


      Thats awesome lokiri

    3. Lokiri


      of course i fit in, but how many people have i fit in? I've dated some midgets, and it's been pretty tight at times.

    4. Lokiri


      love you all, forever!

      get it, because i have the ability to be cool like that.

      Add me if you like my jokes, im actually a stand up comedian irl, but you never knew, i just used my name to imply that, along with my trolling here, i've become a force to be reckoned with.

      Thanks for the many years of friendship, i'm just gonna miss you guys a lot since i know i wont be capable of helping here anymore. I'm no longer masors appropriate.

  11. FFS Dan it was because it was too noisy, get it right. She had it coming anyway!

  12. Dark is a narb and he once punched a kitten in the face for being too fluffy!

  13. darkflame


    Changed my email and the forum sent me back to validating but it wont send the email to my current address? anyway you guys can sort this out and if it hasn't already change my email to [email protected] Thanks you <3
  14. ye i just cant do defender lol im like 235 points short from torso.. anyway my question.. if ppl use the cannon does it lower ur points? Well I just dropped food around the cannon no matter the type and I still got the points i needed in 1 or 2 queens wasnt too bad at all. Wasnt going to post but i thought I'd help you out. This is most likely my last post on these boards. Kthxbi meh i did it 2day lol but thanks