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  1. here, have a comment :-D

  2. very nice guide, although I only make herbs for proftis, and and what does 'average of 83/maximum at 99 farming' mean~? ive got no way near that and im 99 farming- most i got with juju pots is mid 40's but one patch had died, but still maybe your calculations are a little off...
  3. if u want its a sig thingy

  4. i post here... why did i do that?

  5. hello, but also claimed your soul. 3 nao

  6. haha claimed first post, notch my soul count to 2

  7. Claimed, thats one soul in my collection :)

  8. I claim this second post, shame rich was too quick for first

  9. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait.

  10. I claim this second post. :D

  11. I claim this first post. gf y'all

  12. ok adjusted tables, my fingers hurt from the copy and pasting.
  13. i tried it on ape atol, it didnt work.