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  1. Anyone playing oldschool, and is the clan still active?

    1. si verion

      si verion

      we are active, i don't know who is playing osrs but we are mainly on the discord these days

  2. Happy New Year, Everyone

  3. Deadman seasonal is fun.

  4. I remember you too, hello
  5. I found the ekaj on runescape.

  6. Recently, besides school, I've been browsing imgur and hanging out with friends. IRL I like sports (soccer, track, cross country) and I just bought a BMX bike, pretty stoked about learning some of that crap... no one around here does it.Would LOVE to get into some flatland =p I think i'm going to start working on a foreign language, I know some Spanish, so maybe that and French or Italian.. and I've started reading a bit recently, I'm currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray.. that's bout it for now =p and I play guitar and piano pretty much daily, and have decided to try to make some dubstep with FL Studio, lol
  7. i call barbarian village barby town..but thats prob only me 0.o