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  1. Getting excited

    1. Mike P.

      Mike P.

      Keep it in your pants, please.


  2. Validated in-game and IRL. Check out the Welcome Wagon and let everyone know a little about yourself once a leader moves you over so you can see the full boards!
  3. Validated in game. Don't be expected to see the full boards until after the drop party due to the flow of applications though!
  4. Validated in game A leader will soon move you over to the big forums! Welcome!!
  5. Validated in game! The application looks perfect and a leader will soon give you full forum access.
  6. Verified in game. A leader will move your account over shortly so you will be able to see the full boards
  7. get a better sig noob >.< i dont think anyone likes it

  8. you know you love it

  9. noob i hate ur sig

  10. Verified in-game and friend IRL A leader will move you over to the normal boards ASAP !
  11. Fishin4mypkr


    The application looks good and you have been validated in game by me. A leader will soon transfer you so that you will be able to see the whole forums
  12. Trying to get to work on some google docs for this at the moment:)
  13. Looks good so far! Keep it up! I'd really like to start using these
  14. Broken finger = a tough time

  15. Pass: Holykebab Just navigate to the Runescape folder and download the "Efficiency calculator.exe" I really appreciate this but I cannot seem to get it to work. I do also have a Mac so that may be my problem. Okay, so while writing this guide, I did some serious thinking about this concept. Instead of doing what you said and ignoring the profits made, I chose to have it reduce time because this time saved will translate to your next goal. For instance, even though it takes you literally ~81 hours to complete the fletching goal from 82-99, the profits you make would save you ~6 hours of max moneymaking capabilities on your next goal. For me, money is always an issue because I tend not to have more cash than only what I need to make my max profit, so this saved 6 hours is a huge deal for my next goal. Thank you for bringing this up and I will add a note in the actual guide. Thanks Josh I really appreciate it