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  1. Hi, this sounds like a very interesting project - once the e-book is finished please do let us know, I'm sure many of us would like to give it a read. I joined Masors in 2006, so I can't give details regarding the early years, although I still think the clan's later history is also quite interesting. I notice that the history page on our site only covers up to 2006, in case you haven't seen it, this thread ( covers up to 2010. In response to your questions (of which I can answer): #2 The drop parties were a big source of new members. Now that we irregularly host drop parties (our last was held in 2011 after free trade returned), we depend on many more areas to promote our clan. This includes recruitment threads on the RSOF and fansites. Word of mouth has always been and continues to be an important method of recruitment. #3 In my opinion, Mining Golds has had no impact on our clan. We're a very open community, and have never really competed with other clans. #4 As SDal has said, there was never a strict focus on Mining and Smithing - but through various events we did encourage the training of it. #6 I stopped playing several years ago so I don't know about recent updates. The LRC was so-so, most people would prefer to switch to the heavily populated worlds to train there - which meant we didn't really skill in a more close-knit group. Thankfully we had clanchat by then, so could still chat through that. Mining and Smithing training events were irregular by the time LRC came out anyway (we focused more on minigames), so there wasn't much damage to be done by it regardless. #7 An interesting read is chapter 26, from the history I linked to above, which describes the impact of the removal of free trade in 2007 on the clan. The restriction was disastrous for our clan; we could no longer host traditional drop parties and many of our events depended upon free trade between members (e.g. materials being traded to aid in training skills). In 2009 we did host a couple of drop parties in the Falador party room, whilst it was somewhat successful, it faced many problems such individuals spamming the chest and chat - making promoting the clan extremely difficult. I can imagine there were other skilling clans that suffered in a similar way due to the free trade restrictions. #8 I don't see any issue with using clan images, as long as the clan is given credit. You may find our group photobucket interesting: In particular this album which covers drop parties from 2003 to 2007:
  2. Verified, welcome to masors! A leader will give you full forum access as soon as possible
  3. Hi, thanks for your interest in Masors. There's just one little thing missing from your application. If you read our rules, which is a sticky within this forum, you'll find something you just need to edit into your application to confirm you've read the rules.
  4. This is a shameless promotion for the Masors WhatPulse team. Goto the Gaming & Computing forum!

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      Downloaded the client again. Now there will be no stopping me!

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    Once a leader moves you to the member group on the forums you'll be able to see them. One should hopefully come online within the next few hours.
  6. Richard

    Noob inside

    Hey It's great to hear you want to join the clan! Everything seems to check out, so the leaders will move you to the member group as soon as possible. Richard
  7. Hi there, It's great to see you're wanting to participate on the forums! Whilst you may be a member of our ingame clanchat, to become a fully-fledged member of the clan it's required that you post an application in here and so we can verify your forum account. The procedure is very simply and it'll be done in 2 minutes:
  8. so you still have a forum account after all, nub

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    Welcome to Masors. You should be able to view the full forums shortly.
  10. On behalf of the members of MaSoRS, I would like to thank everybody who attended our 8th Anniversary Drop Party. The party was a great success, and over 1 billion gp in value was given away. It took over 7 months of planning and preparation - relying completely on donations from our members. We hosted this party for simple reason of giving back to the RuneScape community, as we have been doing for these past 8 years. Our members have amassed hundreds of pictures and videos of the party, which will be appearing on the public section of our website and forum ( in the coming days. Here's a selection of them... Three hours before the drop, and crowds were already beginning to gather: One hour to go, and MaSoRS members form a conga to advertise throughout world 14: The dropping went on for well over three hours: The lucky winners of our big trivia prizes: Again, thank you to everybody who attended - the drop wouldn't have been a success without you. We hope to see you next year for our 9th Anniversary Party!
  11. Attempting to get 99 mining again...Lets see how long it takes for me to give up....

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      I just want mah worn pickaxe award.

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      Nope lasted longer than a day :D 2.68m XP to gooooo

  12. Hey, I've added you and will try and talk to you when you get on. However, it'd help if you could join our clanchat "Masors" as a guest in the meantime. Also, we're going to be hosting a drop party in several hours time - so expect us to be very busy, but we'll try and get you validated as quickly as possible. Thanks
  13. Richard


    Welcome to Masors A leader will move you to the member group as soon as possible.