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  1. Lokiri


    No, go out drinking!
  2. drifting laterally with useless knowledge

  3. So... How goes everything man?

  4. Hey delete some of your messages in your inbox!

  5. Hey,

    Marbl hasn't done his hour yet, and you haven't payed your bid in yet.

  6. It only lets me give so many +s >.<

  7. it was easier in classic than any of the other skills to make money with in f2p, that carried over to today.
  8. i claim victory in this war.

  9. I agree, lets burn everything, but why stop at rs? I believe irl fire settings would garner more attention to our noble, just cause. And this is why i don't lead any marketing departments anywhere. Imagine, the stunts i'd pull.
  10. i henceforth claim your profiles virginity

  11. thanks for taking an active role in the clan with that poll dude.

  12. i hereby pledge 50m to get the ball rolling.
  13. look at my picture on fb, that's how you add a new picture.

    I believe kefka is a better representation as my image.

  14. aboutme:config

    1. Lokiri



      For those not in the know, steal this album was a cool concept too.

  15. http://www.invisionpower.com/suite/demo.php

    The trial is for the whole suite. All I use on masors is the IP Board product which is the forum, so I have never used the other things offered in the demo.