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  1. Only if you win them yourself I'd say, I managed to get 2 Fish Masks from SoF and I'm going to hang onto them for a while to see what happens. Personally I wouldn't buy them, but that's because I'm cheap lol. If you have 2-4m that you're probably never going to use go for it...although I personally think the mask looks completely horrible . ~ Xephona
  2. Today I got 60 Magic, 51 Strength, & 47 Prayer. My next goal is 60 Strength! :D

  3. Got 56 Magic & 46 Prayer today, I should have Level 60 Sometime this week!

  4. Managed to get Level 50 Magic & 45 Prayer today! ;)

  5. Managed to get 40 Strength, Constitution, Defence, & Ranged today, tomorrow is 40 Magic and hopefully get Dragon Slayer done! :D

  6. Awesome guide, I never knew this mini game was so complicated lol, I just saw a shooting star while banking etc.. and started mining it. ~Xephona
  7. Nice guide never hurts to lear some rs vocab oh i found an error if you want u can fix it or not lol =P anyways its in the "J"s for the jagex u put comany instead of company =P