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  1. When you realize you've been in MASORS for over 8 years....... :o

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    2. gold warrior

      gold warrior

      you get nostalgic and go back for more RS.

    3. Joshua


      You're still a child!

    4. Leena


      Josh will forever think I'm 5 years old.

  2. Where am I?

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    2. ekaj


      make an old school pure to pk with kyle and haxx!

    3. Joshua


      The future, now. Oh nonono... now! Oh darn it... now.

    4. Lord Danbell
  3. NEW YEAR NEW ME... Jk I'm the same. Happy January nd stuff kbye

  4. May-sores

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    2. Leena
    3. marbl


      your going to have about 50000 snaps from me

    4. Leena


      you spam me every day... I can only imagine...

  5. Life is moving really fast. Kinda trying to keep up.

    1. marbl


      my classes are hard

    2. Lord Danbell

      Lord Danbell

      my whole degree's screwed!

  6. "Get a cat, and then blame it for everything" -John

  7. Gonna be in Atlanta May 2nd. :D

  8. In recent news they took the metal out of my mouth :D

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    2. marbl


      yes cold, lol

    3. Coldsteelx


      Well she might have had a broken jaw or something marb! :P

    4. Leena


      Hahaha yes, braces

  9. 1st and second place in my events at DECA state. woo. (:

    1. Commando1968


      first and first to lose. the best of both worlds.

  10. Boo to timezones.:(

  11. Got my ears pierced for the 4th time in the same spot and woke up with one earring out.. -.-

    1. Mike P.

      Mike P.

      That is unfortunate.

  12. Snowboarding is SO MUCH FUN. I went yesterday and I'm going again next week!(:

    1. Ayashi


      Don't pull a Michael Schumacher! Snowboarding really scares me quite a bit, downhill skiing too. I keep thinking I'll fall!

  13. There has to be more to life than this.

    1. marbl


      nope. only runescape

  14. Yay! A high of 2 degrees! Nice and cozy....

  15. How depressing... I went to make a snow fort and you can't pack the snow!! :( I shall try again tomorrow. Yes I still play in the snow.

    1. Swiss_dude


      Try sprinkling the snow with water. It might become slightly icy, but will definitely do a better job

  16. Happy New Years and stuff. We're all in different time zones so yeah. Good luck remembering to write 2014 on papers....(;

    1. Tommy


      Happy New Year :)

  17. Finals are over. Victory is mine.

    1. Joshua


      I know that feeling. Sadly I landed only B+'s this quarter :(

    2. Leena


      I feel you. I lost my class rank :/

  18. "Only in America do people trample others for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for what they already have." Doh >.< The irony.

    1. al3x801


      I stayed home.. and started reading a book xD

    2. Ordalca


      Pretty sure some of the stores started before Thanksgiving dinner.

  19. Happy Turkey Day. Or Friday Eve, depending where you're from. :D

    1. Swiss_dude


      In Europe, we call just call it Thursday in November :P

  20. Grr. People need to carry out commitments.

  21. Starting a fundraiser for the Philippines with 4 other high schools(: Wish me luck!


    1. dsquirrelgm


      And there would be where?...

    2. Leena


      Thanksgiving lol

  23. Holy crap it snowed. And accumulated. And it's really good packing snow. :D Everyone else is unhappy lol.