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  1. For Anprman: melee slayer gear. Weapon: Augmented Noxious scythe Precise 5 Equilibrium 3 (5 Rumbling components) Top: Augmented torva platebody Enhanced devoted 3 (5 Faceted components) Genocidal+ Impatient 2 (2 Bandos components + 3 Zamorakian components) Bottom: Augmented anima core legs of sliske Scavenging 3/looting (5 Precious components) Crackling 3/mobile (4 Explosive components + 1 subtle/dextrous component) Let me know if you need to know where to get the components from, wiki has calculators on the cheapest way to get t
  2. Hey all, I'm going to focus on good perks for weapons and armor here. Tuba's guide has shown what are usually the best perks, but those can be expensive and there are some cheaper alternatives. I’ve also put in layman’s descriptions, you can look up the actual ones Good weapon perks: Aftershock- after you deal 50,000 damage, a lightning bolt strikes your target for aoe damage. More damage overall Caroming- chain and ricochet hit more targets, can be great for slayer to hit lots of monsters Efficient- Charges drain reduction saves you money Enhanced
  3. Hi there Big menuce, your application looks good, I just need to meet you in game to add you to the clan. Welcome!
  4. Your stats check out and application is good. Join our cc to get added in game!
  5. Your application looks good, but we need to talk to you in the game to complete it. Try to join our clan chat next time you're on.
  6. Dang, sounds like a crazy exciting year for you.
  7. I've never used TS before, could you give us a few more details?
  8. You're application looks good, but we need to talk to you in game to verify you. Join the clanchat "masors" to talk with an admin.
  9. Please read over the rules thoroughly and then edit your post.
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    Can you post your Runescape name please? Also join our cc, "Masors" to chat with us.