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  1. For Anprman: melee slayer gear. Weapon: Augmented Noxious scythe Precise 5 Equilibrium 3 (5 Rumbling components) Top: Augmented torva platebody Enhanced devoted 3 (5 Faceted components) Genocidal+ Impatient 2 (2 Bandos components + 3 Zamorakian components) Bottom: Augmented anima core legs of sliske Scavenging 3/looting (5 Precious components) Crackling 3/mobile (4 Explosive components + 1 subtle/dextrous component) Let me know if you need to know where to get the components from, wiki has calculators on the cheapest way to get them though.
  2. Hey all, I'm going to focus on good perks for weapons and armor here. Tuba's guide has shown what are usually the best perks, but those can be expensive and there are some cheaper alternatives. I’ve also put in layman’s descriptions, you can look up the actual ones Good weapon perks: Aftershock- after you deal 50,000 damage, a lightning bolt strikes your target for aoe damage. More damage overall Caroming- chain and ricochet hit more targets, can be great for slayer to hit lots of monsters Efficient- Charges drain reduction saves you money Enhanced efficient- charges drain even slower, more money saved Enlightened- Items level up faster=faster invention xp Equilibrium- Lower your maximum hit a little, but increase your minimum hit by a lot more. More damage per second Precise- Increases your minimum damage thus more damage overall Good armor perks: Biting- increases critical hit chance, more damage Crackling- Extra hits every minute, just extra damage Impatient- chance for basic abilities to give you more adrenaline. Can use more ultimates and thresholds. Mobile- Reduces the cooldown of surge, escape, and barge, but they don’t give adrenaline. Probably my 2nd favorite perk. Looting- enemies drop resources for you, like raw rocktails and magic logs. Demon slayer- 7% extra damage to demons. Great for slayer. Efficient- Charges drain reduction saves you money Enhanced efficient- charges drain even slower, more money saved Genocidal- up to 7% extra damage on your slayer tasks Enlightened- Items level up faster=faster invention xp Dragon slayer- 7% extra damage to dragons. Great for slayer. Venomblood- no damage from poison Scavenging- chance to collect uncommon and rare invention materials. Favorite perk! Undead slayer- 7% extra damage to undead. Good for slayer. Absorbative- chance to reduce damage taken Devoted- chance to allow protection prayers to work 100% Enhanced devoted- higher chance to activate Lucky- chance to reduce a hit to 1. As you can see, there are a huge number of perks for armor and a bit less for weapons. So you will need to kind of choose which work best for you. Additionally, some perks have several ranks, for example you can have precise 1 to precise 5. Obviously you want precise 5 for more damage. I will now post some recommended perks for bossing, and then ones for slayer. The idea is you can choose which perks you want and customize your gear how you want it. Slayer gear: I use sliske armor since it is hybrid and can use this on slayer tasks for maging, ranging, and meleeing. Gizmo combinations: Demon slayer+dragon slayer- 3 dextrous+2 dragonfire (dexterous from bows and dragonfire are best from dragonfire shields) Genocidal+undead slayer- 4 Undead + 1 Bandos (undead from malevolent, vengeful, or merciless kiteshields and bandos from any bandos item [warpriest, boots, gloves]) Crackling 3 + Mobile- 4 explosive+1 dextrous (explosives are from handcannons) Scavenging 3 + looting- 5 precious (best bet here is slayer rings, buy 600 daily) PVM armor options Recommended gizmo combinations: Biting 2 + venomblood- 3 direct+2 healthy (direct from pickaxes and healthy from rocktails or other foods/herbs) Crackling 3 + mobile- listed earlier, don’t worry if you get crackling 3 alone, it’s good. Enhanced devoted3- 5 faceted components (from crystal flasks) Absorbative 3- 5 fungal (any ganodermic item like boots or gloves) Absorbative 2 + venomblood- 3 fungal, 1 healthy, 1 evasive (evasive from ranged armors) Impatient 3- 5 zamorak components or 4 zamorak + 1 zaros Weapon perks Recommended gizmo combinations: Precise 5- 5 armadyl components (guaranteed perk, so easy to get, but armadyl components are expensive. Warpriest works and is free) Precise 4 or 3 + equilibrium 2- 5 precise components (bows, arrows, stabbing items) Biting 2- 4 direct+any other Enhanced efficient- 5 clockwork components (cannon parts) Efficient- 4 shifting components + any other (chaotic equipment) Enlightened- 5 seren components (crystal armor and weapons)
  3. Hi there Big menuce, your application looks good, I just need to meet you in game to add you to the clan. Welcome!
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  6. Dang, sounds like a crazy exciting year for you.
  7. I've never used TS before, could you give us a few more details?
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