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  1. Finally after 12 years of RS I got 99 mine and smith :)

  2. Updated the guide for the EOC stat change on the rings. Also fire runes is no longer the best option as they have increased in price, so updated that part too.
  3. Tore


    Hi, we need to speak to you in game or in IRC to validate you, so if you could join our clanchat "MaSoRS" or friend chat "M_A_S_O_R_S" and speak to anyone with a star or a key next to their name, or join our swiftIRC channel #masors or #masors_validation and speak to anyone with star or @ in from on their name to be validated
  4. I don't even have teleport runes man :P

  5. Tore. Awesome of you to donate as much as you did for the clan. Enjoy playing like I do. :P Poor that is.

  6. Tore


    Hi and welcome to our forums We just need to speak to you ingame so we can validate you If you pop by our clanchat (masors) or friend chat (m a s o r s) and speak to any of the moderators there (people with star or key before their name)
  7. I approve of this username :D

  8. Tore


    Give us an update when you've reached 60 mining We also need to talk to you ingame to validate you, feel free to join our cc "MaSoRS" or friends chat "M_A_S_O_R_S" while working on 60 mining (although friend chat might be a little empty now after the clan update).
  9. Tore


    Hi and thanks for your interest in masors Before we can validate you could you have another read through our rules? You seem to have missed something important Also, after you done that we need to speak to you ingame to validate you, join our cc (M_A_S_O_R_S friend chat, or join Masors clan chat as a guest) and speak to anyone who look like they have a high rank
  10. Tore


    In order to get access to our full forums you need to meet the requirements I'm afraid. But feel free to participate in our public forums and chat in our clan chat (MaSoRS). And when you get 50 smithing just edit your post (and also you need to read our rules, there is something in there that you seem to have missed).
  11. Tore


    Hey Your application checks out, we just need to validate you ingame or in IRC to finalize your application, just join our cc M_A_S_O_R_S or our #masors_validation IRC chat on swiftIRC and talk to anyone with a star in the cc or OP (@ or gold star) in the channel
  12. What's the best April Fools prank you've experienced, either that you pulled off or someone did to you. Mine was when 1st of April was on Easter sunday or something and my neighbor had drawn a map of my local place (its a very very small place) with a big X on it where supposedly the easter bunny had laid a big egg full of candy. I think I was like 9 at the time, so me and his sister very eagerly went hunting for this egg. We spent about 2 hours searching as he had drawn the map upside down so we were totally confused for a while, and when we finally found it it turned out it wasn't a Easter egg, but an actual egg with a note saying APRIL FOOLS. His sister got so mad she threw the egg at him, unfortunatly she missed Great times lol! Whats your story?
  13. Hey delete some of your messages in your inbox!

  14. Tore


    Shush, don't tell Welcome to MaSoRS
  15. Tore


    Hello and thanks for your interest in MaSoRS Could you please read our rules? You missed something from them before we can validate you.