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  1. How many Moos could a Moo-Moo Moo if a Moo-Moo could Moo Moos?

  2. I actally would have kept it for several moment to make him learn about the assist system
  3. I nocticed your sig, welcome to the herd.

    *brohoof and muffins*

  4. Events, Advice, Friendly chat. That nice feeling you get when you do good things.
  5. Whilst not much of a town I suppose I'll have to say musa point, why well when you are determined to get on to the higescores tables for your first time and you spend all the time fishing there and running back to the general store to sell the fish so you can train faster and you manage to reach your first 60 and make your first 200k you kind of devolve a special attachment to a place. Those where the good old days.
  6. figlet "Mooooooooooo" | cowsay -n

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    Ok now with correct spacing

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    (My moo beats all yours)

  9. During out maths class we all ran out the back door of the classroom whilst waiting, then round to the front again. Didn't work though as the teacher came in. She was rather disapointed that's all we could come up with, apparently before one of here classes put there blazers and jumpers on back to fron then sat facing the back of the classroom! =D
  10. I'll try catching you on this weekend. Im on break the following week, so it'll be easier during that time.

  11. ok i got to know where the avatar came from

  12. Coming to the Hobgob trip tonight? ^.^

  13. 3.141592653589793238462643383

  14. 3.141592653589793238462643383

    1. shadow2690
    2. Aprz


      I know I am late on asking this, but are those all the digits you memorized? I memorized the first 150 digits. I also tried memorizing e.

    3. chao master

      chao master

      There memorised, I can do those of the top of my head without thinking, then I got another 20 I got to think about. as for e 2.718281828 is all I know