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  1. Still going strong on the goal... 404 Exercise not found. 6kg lost over 345 days
  2. (For approximate weight in lbs, multiply kg by 2 (2.2 for closer to exact)) I'm a fatass and I know it, it's time to lose weight. I must have some kind of update log somewhere to keep myself from giving up and what other place better than the internet right? NOTHING CAN EVER GO WRONG! Anyways here's my current weight, my optimal goal would be 71kg but I want to be below 80kg. I will be using the "recently discovered" 5:2 diet method combined with 3-5 hours of exercise per week. Day 1 Current weight: 115.2kg to go: 35.2kg (44.2kg for optimal) Exercise: Walking for an hour and 22 minutes.
  3. yeah, that's correct. However I forgot that the money drop from drygores going down in price and the money saved by selling them nullifies each other making the end result -2(x/3) rather than -1(x/3)
  4. *faceplant* thinking as if I would make money of it again while the net loss remains the same you still don't make a profit only reduce the loss. Thanks.
  5. okay, here we go... Recently Drygores have been dropping a lot. I've decided to try and minimize the losses by selling the Drygore weapons at the end of the day and re buy at the morning but I face a simple problem cuz my math has been stupid and failed before I don't dare to trust it completely. Anyways here is the idea, taking the values and assuming I will be able to buy/sell at market price everytime X = total money drop During the day (16 hrs) drygore drops 2(x/3), x/3 during the night. During the day I would lose money due to the drygore dropping in price. During the night I would gain money due to not having drygore - 2(x/3) + (x/3) = - (x/3) Would I keep the drygores during the entire period of 24 hours I would lose (X) GP rather than (X/3) GP. Due to buying drygore when it's cheaper than in the evening it kind of makes sense that you would end up with a chunk of gold in your purse. Have I managed to minimize the loss or am I just way out WAY out riding a bicycle on ice again?
  6. it's in there somewhere and I can't really do that due to the lack of the spell, regeneration does enough healing anyways.
  7. inserted, 72 chests per inventory is my personal best with this method, I could easily go 150 chests per inventory though if I had guthix's blessing or used a shield to heal rather than using saradomin brews and super restores. ah, per hour. well, 12-15.
  8. ^fixed the video I have to look up a few things before I can give out exact better than items, but it's max cape, cmaul, karils xbow, goliath gloves and corruption aura, none of which are required.
  9. #Author's Notes 72 chests per inventory is my personal best with this method, I could easily go 150 chests per inventory though if I had guthix's blessing or used a shield to heal rather than using saradomin brews and super restores. This method will yield about 12-15 chests with the best gear, overload and turmoil per hour, expect less with lesser setups. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to your guide to barrows, I've earlier made a guide on this subject but due to updates it have become outdated so I decided to make a new one due to requests. This guide contains heavy amount of images so it's not recommended to use a cellphone to view this guide. ^-^ This method is extremely powerful, you can expect to get at least more than 20 chests per inventory if you're doing it right. What we are looking at behind me is the minigame location, the setup I'm using and everything else interesting. Lets begin with the action bars. first thing you want to make your keybinds easy to access rather than this, simply right click any ability and bind it to a key on your keyboard. if you got a razer mouse or similar with multiple keys you can bind a few to those as well, for convenience sake I will bind it so it will look like this. Okay, now that's done with, we need to set up the inventory in a specific way to minimize the amount of mouse movement, this is why we got Shift Q and W bound as they are By putting Karil's crossbow in shift+W keybind we now unlock (Y) keybind for use with anything else, I'd recommend to insert overload on Y because of this. This is the way you want your inventory to look, I know it's a lot of overloads, don't worry about it, if you cannot use overload I recommend using summer pies in combination with any kind of defensive potion, for example, super defense potion. This too if you want to be cheaper but I find the increase in chests per hour more profitable in the long run. Karil's Crossbow is also negligible, I recommend using a royal crossbow if you have the know how to kill QBD otherwise just use the best 2H crossbow you can get your hands on Drakan's Medallion from The Branches of Darkmeyer in combination with House tabs this is a great method to reduce the number of prayer restoring potions as possible, all the way down to 0. and the armour: Detailed reasoning for Bandos: If you do not have enough money for the armor I'm using, you can always exchange them for cheaper alternatives, barrows armour such as Verac's is a great alternative until you earned enough money for bandos. The next step in the line is learning the optimal rotation for this, you will soon realize that the use of Assault(5) is more important than that of the use of the complete rotation but it's simple enough to learn; use Slice(1) followed by any of the available abilities (2,3,4,5,R)R should be used last, Regenerate(6) can be exchanged for Guthix's Blessing or Rejuvenate if you for some reason decided to bring along a shield for some reason. Regenerate should be used whenever you need a heal or have a full adrenaline bar. Guthix's Blessing and Rejuvenate can be used in combat and heal for twice as much than Regenerate and are recommended over Regenerate. Okay, you now know the basics of the setup and abilities our next step is to learn what to do with the brothers , to simplify the rotation will take care of them but whenever you can use Assault you should, wait for 3 hits then follow by the use of any of the abilities(2,3,4), this powerful combination has a huge potential and can quickly decimate your foes (Akrisae) Watch this video and you will learn how powerful it really is while learning how to take each and every one down. I used Soul Split and Turmoil through the minigame and ran out after 6/7 graves were checked, it is possible to check all graves before prayer runs out as I've had that happen a few times. However if you do not have 92/95 prayer you can always use piety and protect from melee/mage/range depending on what ability the brother is using, just like overload, it's optional but recommended for maximum efficiency. I have nothing more to add for now, I hope this guide will aid you. Please leave your questions below and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible otherwise look me up in game and I shall aid you. Good luck finding them items
  10. Frozen


    Life is a chair next to an 80 inch LED TV hooked up to a computer which can run any games the next 10 years smoothly and a cold refreshing soft drink in the left hand while playing games with the other.
  11. Runescape website or downloadable client wont load, nor will manual directing to their servers ( is it just me getting this problem or did Jagex do their wierd things again?
  12. I love ponies, especially Twilight Sparkle :3

  13. U forgot dirty filthy sites, they contain lots of viruses. 4chan also gots lots of viruses
  14. Personally, I do not like merchanting. It takes the fun out of the game.