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  1. It affects you personally because you've posted in this thread and therefore devoted time to thinking about how it affects you.
  2. Ffs. Who told you about my experiment to try and create a Meowth?
  3. Rofl. That is bad, but so punny! I saw this on the news the other day. http://exministries.tv/millionaire-gay-couple-sues-to-force-church-wedding/ I'm kinda torn between what to think. On one hand, they want to be married in the church (I am not sure if they are of that faith). On the other, they gave 0 time for churchs to debate on the issue within themselves. Idk. What do ya'll think? ~Priest
  4. I wouldn't say "wrong" because it is a subjective term, but I would say that the church's teaching needs to be reevaluated. The thing with people is they fear change, disruption, and being alone. We are social animals and we want to belong to something. Its easier to sit idlely by and let something happen and still belong, than to speak up and be ousted. The good thing is, at least in the recent Catholic faith is that Pope Francis is changing the doctrine it teaches ever so slightly. Instead of preaching against what we don't believe in, we are starting to just preach about what we do believe in. Therefore effectively taking out the negativity in it all. I know many people who think us Catholics are very degrading and judgemental, but everyone I know my age is very accepting of new ideas and people. I have always thought some things taught by our church was misleading, and I've always been one to question. Religion is a community held fast by very, very old traditions and traditions can change. I believe, regardless of what any church says, that God loves everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or other non traditional traits. If even God can't see past that superficial thing and see the love the soul has, then how can we? That is why I think God loves everyone. He only cares about the love in your soul for your fellow earth dwellers. ~Priest
  5. I am no part of the LGBT community and can only offer my unprofessional opinion. I think its about equality still. They want to have equal rights and they just made a huge step in that direction. Old Religions have, for centuries, dismissed the gay community and their feelings and put them down, berated them, and tortured them. They repeatedly said that they will not be let into heaven for how they were born. To be out as gay, before recent times, was a bigger struggle. So, LGBT communities want that recognition that they too can enter heaven. But a Holy Matrimony is a big deal within the Catholic Church. I know that when I got married I was expected to be married in our church, and I was. Thats how I was raised. No beach wedding for me 😊. But, some LGBT people are very religious, and so, it is a big deal that they love God so much, but can't be married in the church because they way they were born. I'm sure it is very painful for them. I lost my train of thought. ~Priest
  6. I agree Dragon. When I saw those people refusing to provide their services for "religious" beliefs or just plain prejudice it saddened me. From a strictly business point of view, you do not want to shut anyone out. Its literally bad business. From a moral point of view, I just can't fathom being THAT prejudice. Even though I am a cradle Catholic and do believe in my faith, I still know that times change and so do religions. I'm hoping Pope Francis will take this into consideration. He has already said that good people are admitted to heaven, whether they believe or not, and that is a HUGE change. He is making changes in the Catholic Church, and I'm excited for them. #LoveWins ~Priest
  7. Guns don't kill people. People kill people (using guns).
  8. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/06/26/supreme-court-affirms-constitutionality-of-gay-marriage I for one am proud of my country for finally listening to the public. Even though I am not gay, my sister is and I'm so glad that she can now be married by the state just as I am. Anyone else have thoughts on the matter? ~Priest
  9. Well, being as we are poor college kids, we have hand-me-down pretty much everything but electronics and a mattress. And I'm happy to have it lol. The colors wasn't an issue because it was already painted the way we wanted, including the baby's room, so we lucked out. I do play legacy mode when I'm on RS3, but I'd like to play the game it was meant to be played, ya know? How are you doing, dragon? ~Priest P.S. Wheres Leena?
  10. Mango! I'm glad you have been keeping busy. Ya know, idle hands are the devils plaything . What kind of school do you teach at, college, highschool, etc? Also, you can follow my no-tweetin self on twitter @MischiefxMaster. ~Priest
  11. Hello everyone! I must say I've missed all of you, even the ones I don't know. I have a couple of updates for ya'll. 1. I have one class left in the Fall then I graduate with a BS in Computer Science. No leads on a job yet. 2. In March, my wife and I purchased our first house! So that has been fun! 3. My baby is coming in August! I feel like its so far but so close, and I'm super excited. 4. His name will be Blaine Atticus P. 5. I have recently taken up playing OSRS, so please join the friends chat and talk to me. Its lonely in there. 5. Although I have started back up, I am not back because its more of a dabble than playing. 6. I have an XboxOne, but I've changed my tag. Its now MischiefxMaster so add me and send me a msg who you are so I know. 7. I will always be on xbl, but if its Netflix its my wife, lol. 8. Any thoughts on doing Twitch/Youtube? Please, tell me what has been going on with yourselves! I look forward to reading the replies. ~Priest
  12. Who are all these people? I don't even know you!

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  13. If only it was that easy! ~Priest
  14. Sadly no. Our parents are lucky we invited them. ha ha [EDIT] Both work equally well [/EDIT] Thank you! It will be an experience. ~Priest
  15. Do what? Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have last contacts ya'll. Just an upadate on me: 1) I turned 21 two weeks ago (^.^) 2) I'm getting married May 24! It is a big step but it is time. 3) School is going well now that my fiance is forcing me to go (to better myself of course) But enough talk! How about you?! Sorry, I couldn't help myself in throwing in a Castlevania:SOTN reference tweaked a bit. But seriously, how have ya'll been doing? I had noticed they reintroduced RS2007, but its members only, which disappoints me. Is anyone playing that? Is anyone even playing the new RS? Awaiting your responses, ~Priest
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    RuneScape still lives? Where have I been the past three months?! ~Priest
  17. Who wouldn't LOVE the Harry Potter Box Set for their bday? I hope Jacey likes it. Cause thats what I bought her!

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      man i would love that as a present :)

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      RS subscription for my birthday please.

  18. In lieu of a democratic debate. This is a Monarchy. Don't even try it brah.

  19. What is a forum?

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      Noun - Chat room with diverse speices including nerds, trolls, psychopaths and various others.


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      Oh and USUALLY no girls. :P

  20. RSC is quite fun.

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      i gave up like 20 mins in. almost died to a lvl 7 goblin :o

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      I love Classic. Sometimes I'll play that a lot, but sometimes I'll miss the current RuneScape and play that a lot. Lately I just haven't been playing at all. :[

  21. I like how you see a significant difference from the older players and the newer players. Older players are around banks, in middle of nowhere, random places here and there that somewhat served a purpose back in the day, but today are "ghost towns." Newer players, post-ge, are more likely to hang out around GE or places of the like, because thats all they have known. I find that interesting for some reason. I like to hang out everywhere . ~Priest
  22. When I was a noob. I fell for the "Look Runescape blocks your password ********! try it!" Scam. (Now, RS does ACTUALLY block your password, or so I've been told.) I got hacked, hopped onto my second acc and reported, within 5 mins, it was banned. I got it unbanned a few months later, but I've forgotten the acc name since then. I was sooooooo happy when i got 10k and all elemental staves ^^. ~Priest