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  1. i'm posting for some points lol might as well say hi and welcome while i'm at it
  2. 66hades


    the only sandwich i can make satisfactory is a grilled cheese :/ or you can have your robot fetch food


  5. I'm looking for a free version of photo shop. i'd like to be able to make my own signatures and stuff, but all i have is paint, and that's not very effective lol. So what free picture editing programs do you guys use?
  6. ap physics freaking sucks

    1. mactown08


      so does school in general

    2. 66hades


      this is like physics and calculus had a kid, and now i have to deal with it : (

  7. i'd call that homecoming a good one

  8. would anyone want to model for me? i need pictures of a bunyip set up, and i don't have the required levels
  9. Surviving the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield By 66hades What We Are Doing We will be joining the forces of the Black Guard in repelling the Chaos Dwarves from overriding Keldagrim. The real reason we are attacking the Chaos side is they have stuff we want ~You will be completing this mission alone, and without aid of a cannon. Where We Are Going To reach the front line, the easiest way is to find yourself somehow in the GE, then use the trapdoor north west in the complex to travel to Keldagrim. *protip: stop by the spas real quick via spirit tree to Mobilising Armies for some free boosts Run, don
  10. i was finishing up mining gems at shilo, when a nooby guy came in asking to mine with me. he only had the dwarven army axe, which is equal to steel. I told him that, and he said that he didn't have the money to buy anything better, so i ended my trip a couple of gems short and gave him my rune pick
  11. Meiyerditch. That place is full of the most epic history out of any city, a graceful beautiful past destroyed through a treacherous war and a brutal bloody takeover, and is now home to a courageous group of freedom fighters that battle on a daily basis for survival. Every time i visit i can't wait for battle with the forces of evil in the murky swampy forests of mort myre and cramped confines of the sanguinesti region just thinking of the future blood to be spilled makes me go sharpen my sword but for everyday use, i'd say varrack, as it is a central hub of activity