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  1. i'm posting for some points lol might as well say hi and welcome while i'm at it
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    the only sandwich i can make satisfactory is a grilled cheese :/ or you can have your robot fetch food


  5. I'm looking for a free version of photo shop. i'd like to be able to make my own signatures and stuff, but all i have is paint, and that's not very effective lol. So what free picture editing programs do you guys use?
  6. ap physics freaking sucks

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      so does school in general

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      this is like physics and calculus had a kid, and now i have to deal with it : (

  7. i'd call that homecoming a good one

  8. would anyone want to model for me? i need pictures of a bunyip set up, and i don't have the required levels
  9. Surviving the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield By 66hades What We Are Doing We will be joining the forces of the Black Guard in repelling the Chaos Dwarves from overriding Keldagrim. The real reason we are attacking the Chaos side is they have stuff we want ~You will be completing this mission alone, and without aid of a cannon. Where We Are Going To reach the front line, the easiest way is to find yourself somehow in the GE, then use the trapdoor north west in the complex to travel to Keldagrim. *protip: stop by the spas real quick via spirit tree to Mobilising Armies for some free boosts Run, don't walk, north then cross the bridge west. Run south, go through the double doors, and it is the second tunnel going west after that. Enter the doorway at the end, and start fighting for you life. Who We Will be Killing Chaos Dwarf (level 48) ~These little guys are not much of a threat except in large numbers, and even then only a minor annoyance. They use melee only. Good for healing with Guthan's. weakness crush. Chaos Dwarf Cannoneer (level 100) ~These are the immediate threat for those not waiting for the NPCs to become non aggressive (non aggro). They can hit around 400 lp with range, but with melee they become little more trouble than the Chaos Dwarves. Although they do not hit often with range beware when being attacked by large numbers of these without proper range prayer protection as sooner or later they will hit a 400-400 on you. They will use range normally, or melee if you pray range, weakness crush. Chaos Dwogre (levle 117) ~The big boys on this battlefield, even 99 defence and substantial defense bonus will not protect you from their accurate melee attacks. They will consistently hit around 100 melee and wear down your hp. If far away they use an accurate magical attack, if close they will use melee. Style of attack does not change due to prayer but from distance. Weakness stab How: Requirements Completion of the quest "Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf" For this method, Guthan's Set Combat levels. My thought is if you can wear Guthan's, you can do this. Your success will just vary depending on your levels. People say I can't Corp, I've corped before. People said I can't do GWD, I've killed there before. At the least wear a ring of life , bring a one click teleport, and try it out. Outfit Helm: Guthan's Helm & Proselyte Helm Chest: Guthan's Platebody & Proselyte Body Legs: Guthans's Chainskirt & Proselyte Bottoms Cape: Obsidian Cape (or a better melee cape) Gloves: Regen Bracelet (or better) Boots: Dragon Boots Ring: Ring of Wealth Weapon: Guthan's Warspear/ Zamorakian Spear/ Spec weapon/ a weapon with good crush and stab Shield: whatever fits best Aura: Whatever helps you best Ammunition: This is where you will put Handshot for invetory space conservation *this is just my personal setup, feel free to improvise as you see fit, except with the Guthan's set Inventory As I am a bit of a cheapskate, I pick up all the charms and runes that these guys drop, along with any good seeds. Taking this into account, I start my trip with one of each charm and rune that can possibly be dropped, as all common decent drops are stackable. If you happen to run out of space for the good non stackable drops (what a horrible problem to have ) then you can do some cost analysis and ditch the cheapest stuff. Emergency One-Click Teleport: for when manure occureth Zamorakian Spear/Secondary weapon/special attack weapon (optional): I think you do more damage per second with the zs, which is why I bring it for when I do not need the healing power of Guthan's. Not to mention it does not degrade meaning more money for me. The reason for a spear is the different monsters' weaknesses, but you can switch and use another weapon that has crush and stab. I use a dragon halberd for its special attack on the dwogres. If you have a weapon better than a zs, by all means use it Super Attack (4): Bring one, or another better potion Super Strength (4): Bring one, or another better potion Charms and Runes (one of each): Gold, green, crism, blue; air, water, fire, death, mind, chaos, law, cosmic, nature, gp* Prayer Potion (4): bring six^ Emergency Food: fill up the remaining spaces with food. I use monks or better *keep in mind you may end up dropping some of these. Hold on to the nature and fire runes if you plan on alcing anything *keep in mind you may end up dropping some of these. Hold on to the nature and fire runes if you plan on alcing anything. ^Everyone operates differently, you may need more or less Strategy Please note this is my method using Guthan's and soloing. Change it at your own will, it is not like you have to use the exact form I use. Entering the Battlefield, you are safe. Nothing will attack you. Since the Black Guard have nothing of worth, I will talk no further about attacking them, except that bad things will happen if you do… very bad things. So do not do it. If you attack a Chaos Dwarf or a Chaos Cannoneer in the first 15 minutes, all the Chaos Dwarves and Chaos Cannoneers will attack you. After the first 15 minutes is up, everything loses its aggressiveness. Dwogres stand alone, they have no friends. If you attack a Dwogre you will only be attacked by that Dwogre. In the first 15ish minutes, you have two options A)Attack the Chaos Dwarves and or Chaos Cannoneers. For this: ~Pray range, tank the melee, wear proselyte armour until you need hp then wear guthan's ~Focus on the dwarvish kind, and ignore the Dwogres ~Keep an eye on prayer points ~When low on health (<500) keep praying range use guthan's, preferably on the little guys B)Attack the Dwogres. For this: ~When low on health (<500) pray melee and use Guthan's ~Focus on the Dwogres, and DO NOT attack the dwarvish kind Keep to one or the other, as you do not want to be attacked by melee, range, and magic simultaneously. After the first 15 minutes it gets a lot easier. You are not limited to the two groups and can kill indiscriminately, and will not be swarmed by midgets wielding cannons. Follow these guidelines and you can stay there for hours: ~If you get under 500 lp, use Guthan's ~If you get under 500 lp fighting Dwogres, pray melee ~If you get under 500 lp fighting Cannoneers, pray range ~Use the Prolysyte if your hit points are good (>500) and if you feel like using combat enhancing prayers ~Use spec weapon on Dwogres, as the cannoneers and little guys are not worth using them on ~If not using protection prayers use guthan's as it has better defense ~The highest hit from a npc is roughly 400, and it is not hit very often. Unless you are being attacked by more than one cannoneer and or dwogre, you do not need to pray protection unless you dip below 500 lp. This conserves prayer potions. You will heal using guthan's and praying appropriately. Tips ~The Chaos Dwarves make good healing for Guthan's. ~Like the GWD, if you do even one damage to a creature, and then other creatures kill it, you will get the drop. So pile Chaos people that are being piled ~expanding upon that thought, if a chaos cannoneer or dwogre is attacking another npc, it will not immediately switch to attacking you, so you can attack it and not get hit attacked immediatly ~If you get a random, all monsters will become aggressive to you. Don't panic, pray range, then exit the battlefield. Log out, log back in, and the problem should be solved, unfortunately you lost the 15 aggressive minutes and have to redo that. This can also happen occasionally if you hug walls to often or go to far away from the Chaos side. ~Use the quick prayers, I've got mine set to pray range and hitpoint restore. Why We Are Doing This Good, but no pick yet Hand Shot: dropped in batches of 100 by the Cannoneers only. Put into ammunition slot to save inventory space. Hand Cannon: dropped by the Cannoneers only Dragon Pickaxe: Dropped by all Chaos monsters. The real objective. GOOD LUCK I might add a group section and or a cannoning section, but only maybe This is my first guide, any tips, suggestions, constructive criticism, concerns, or absolute terrors would be immensely appreciated Edited 9/25, updated some armour stuff and changed around the format
  10. i was finishing up mining gems at shilo, when a nooby guy came in asking to mine with me. he only had the dwarven army axe, which is equal to steel. I told him that, and he said that he didn't have the money to buy anything better, so i ended my trip a couple of gems short and gave him my rune pick
  11. Meiyerditch. That place is full of the most epic history out of any city, a graceful beautiful past destroyed through a treacherous war and a brutal bloody takeover, and is now home to a courageous group of freedom fighters that battle on a daily basis for survival. Every time i visit i can't wait for battle with the forces of evil in the murky swampy forests of mort myre and cramped confines of the sanguinesti region just thinking of the future blood to be spilled makes me go sharpen my sword but for everyday use, i'd say varrack, as it is a central hub of activity