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  1. I like mining/smithing because when I first started playing RS, it was because a few of my friends irl told me about how cool it was, and they all had high woodcutting/firemaking levels, because that's all they really trained. I decided, maybe if I do a lot of mining/smithing, I'll be so much better than them; my friends all quit rs later that year , but I stayed and continued to like mining and smithing.
  2. Good guide, i don't really know what you could improve! Hope it makes it to full guides.
  3. First to post in a while, but last night while trying to connect the IRC thingamabob to the nicknamer thingy and the other things on the complicated doohickey IRC I was so frustrated. Someone sent me the link to this guide, and now I'm like a pro IRCer lolz. Thanks for the help Richard!!
  4. Haha its MASORS you can always use a good smithing guide!
  5. Thanks loki, very simple and well laid out. ENjoyed the blast furnace part, as I've always wondered how to do that effectively. Cheers mate!
  6. Good guide, never thought about doing 9 easy tasks then a 10th hard one for bonus. Nice work!