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  1. Please reread and follow the rules post below. http://www.themasors.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33012
  2. 74 Farming and 2100 Total Level reached earlier tonight.

  3. Burgh de Rott and Darkmeyer have been some of my favorite haunts lately... Out in the middle of nowhere, yet so many useful areas within easy reach.
  4. masors-minecraft.dyndns.org This server is available on the default game port (25565) and is open for public access. PvP and monsters/animals are enabled on this server.
  5. Except for one little detail, it requires prayer levels in addition to smithing levels to attach ... I highly doubt it would be assistable.
  6. Although I may have different ideas about how to train various skills than most that like to just go to the ge and buy xp, most people here appreciate the help I'm willing to give them, even when my somewhat more direct approach might put some people off at times. What I say, at times, may be misinterpreted as being harsh, but that's never my intention - I simply get straight to the point whenever I have something to say. Offering, asking for, and listening to advice and conversation in general, with a respectful atmosphere regardless of whether or not you agree, is a large part of why this clan is so successful.
  7. I think that falls more into line with "Most Honest Moment" rather than most generous... but it's still noteworthy.