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  1. So, today marks my 5 year anniversary since I created this account and applied to join Masors. I'm old.

    1. Faylen Sol

      Faylen Sol

      This forum account to be specific. My RS account is much older.

    2. Lord Danbell

      Lord Danbell

      Happy Birthday Faylen's forums account!

  2. Guys, don't forget to vote. =D

  3. Guys, don't forget to vote. =D

  4. Achieved 90 Farming last night. 10 skills left under 90.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lord Danbell

      Lord Danbell

      Crap you're gonna beat me :(

    3. Tommy
    4. Faylen Sol

      Faylen Sol

      Got that 90 Fletching and herb as well. Only 8 left to go.

  5. Been throwing up non-stop since I got home. Food poisoning most likely as there was no ill feeling beforehand.

    1. Lord Danbell

      Lord Danbell

      :( Get well soon mate
  6. Saving masors from evil plants. You're welcome. =3

    1. Lord Danbell

      Lord Danbell

      One day I shall figure out your sekrit

    2. Faylen Sol

      Faylen Sol

      Mwahaha. That would require you to care enough and take fewer smoke breaks.

  7. Starting a new workout regime. Gotta get them gains.

  8. You need comments. .. nice award you have there!

  9. Got the Soapbox Award. =D

  10. Yes, but those sites aren't going to target a Runescape player and hack your account. Also, 4Chan wont give you viruses unless you clicked on a posted link to a site that WILl give you a virus.
  11. Go to Runescape main page: Click on Account Click on Change Character Name Log In Proceed with name changing
  12. html, C++, CSS, Javascript, Some Flash and I was a derp head and learned a bit of Ruby even though it's only applicable in RPG Maker. That combined with some decent skill in photoshop CS, I can make pretty things. All of it is self taught, so it's a hard mix of novice and advanced knowledge in an improper order. So there's a bunch of stuff I SHOULD know but don't and a bunch of stuff I should NOT know, but do.