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  1. Jagex must've purged usernames on inactive accounts recently. 6 people on my friends are now [#]s. Such a bummer to see.

    1. Coldsteelx


      Ya I saw that too. On Runeclan, several members became random letters and numbers. I thought it was a privacy thing for RC but obviously it must be Jagex.

    2. Jardeath


      They mentioned in a recent YT video that it was coming soon.

  2. I was/am really happy about this, considering I am LGBT, though I do not want to get married!
  3. Started an Ironman account. If you see a "Regal Thief" in the clan chat, that would be me.

  4. Logged into RS again. Why is the clan chat so quiet?

    1. Embericed


      because lizards

    2. marbl


      because i semiquit so no talk about mod mark

  5. I can't believe I'm actually thinking about playing RS again. I'm just THAT bored.

  6. Wow, just one month and one day more and it will be my 3 year anniversary for joining MaSoRs

  7. Always fun to write a paper worth 50% of my grade on 9 books that I haven't read.

    1. al3x801


      summary notes online :P

    2. Ice


      it's not an English class :P

    3. al3x801
  8. Logged into RS today for the first time since maybe 2011. Gross. Glad I quit.

    1. Heleen



    2. gold warrior

      gold warrior

      lol he logged on on my birthday. <3

  9. Hm. I spend most of my time on tumblr. XD I really love reading. I own 460 books (yeah, I counted them all). I've read maybe... 50% of them? I hope I'll eventually get to them all XD Other than reading and tumblr, I like to write stories, mostly fanfiction. I've been too lazy to write anything since New Year's though. I hope to make my life more interesting and active once I get out of stupid high school and get into college. no boyfriend, no sports, no clubs, no exercise. Every day it's wake up, go to school, come home right after, watch TV, computer, dinner, bed. Nothing ever happens in my life
  10. I've always loved mining. I can't say for sure why XD I was always proud to say I love mining while other people were complaining about how much they dislike it. I love mining so much I spent a full year and 3 months doing NOTHING but mining. My friends called me crazy but it was fun
  11. I donate stuff, like armor and ore? I am poor XD
  12. Ice


    RS Name:Ice Blk Drgn Mining Level: 78 Smithing Level: 66 I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs!