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  1. Great guide! I'll be using this guide when I get t85 weapons and t80 armour. I hope you can figure out the problem with the images.
  2. Ok, whenever i'm on, just add me in-game and poke me :P

  3. Hey Orot!

    You won my santa hat in the Rares Auction. So all we have to do now is find a place and time to meet and it's all yours for 24 hours.

  4. Gym, gym and even more gym! Been at the gym for 3 years now 3 times a day consuming creatine, carnitine and powder protein, and no steroids , and well I love all of that, feeling the pain in your muscles and knowing that it will regenerate and get even bigger within the next hours. The only bad part is that it doesn´t regenerate unless I got to bed and sleep and the problem is that my doctor said I have insomnia since 2 months ago, I sleep around 12-16 hours every 3 days so now I'm ona gym break and all I got left to do is wife and runescape Oh also I practise aggressive inline rollerblading every now and then
  5. thanks for taking an active role in the clan with that poll dude.

  6. RS Name: Orot Gladius Mining Level: 76 Smithing Level: 71 I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs! Thanks