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I know im technically not new anymore, but I didn't post in this thread when I joined cause I don't like putting personal information on random websites so now for those of you who don't know alot about me:<br />My name is Donovan. I was born in White Salmon, Washington (state) USA. I lived in Iowa most of my life. I am currently enrolled at Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a freshman in college working on getting my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I love to run. I run 10-20 miles a day and once a month I run in different Marathons. Some people find it interesting so I will add it. I have a sleep disorder so i sleep 1-2hrs a night tops. The doctor's say I can only take sleeping pills once every 5-7days or they will stop working too. Hence the reason I am on when half of you are asleep and the other half are on. So I pretty much see all of you throughout the week.<br />I love to do computer aided drawings:hence the siggys avatars etc. that I make for members or myself. I have been playing Runescape for 6 years now off and on. I do have my days where I have raged etc. on chat/forum and I'm sorry if you see me raging just yell at me...Its usually on my5-7th day of no sleep which even with sleep disorder makes me cranky at times but overall I'm an easy going guy and as my siggy states I plan on staying a part of MASORS as long as humanly possible. I look forward to seeing you all in-game/irc/forums<br />MASORS!! MINERS AND SMITHERS OF RUNESCAPE!!!