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  1. Well Spoken, HMM best thing about masors is the community that forms masors: benevolent,outgoing,amazing group of individuals and I am proud to be a member of this clan Forever and Always, Grateful Member of a community I like to call M_A_S_O_R_S!!!!
  2. Most generous moment...hmm before masors...once upon a time back in 06 I felt super generous, but I didnt go look for anyone all I did was take out 5mil (3/4 my bank back then) and walked around lumbridge on my way to draynor to sit in my usual spot and talk with old friends well along the way this level three started following me and said "Do you want to buy this goblin mail I got from that goblin?" Nicest girl I ever met on rs (wish could remember the username...) but at first I thought of telling her to go sell it to the general store like anyone else, but I started talking to her and turned out she had barely 30 gp to her name and was one of the happiest ppl i ever met so we were talking and I said hey follow me to draynor, and come sit and chat with us well of course she did...We got to Draynor and she sat with me and some other ppl and we talked for like 2hrs straight doing nothing else and at the end I said hey (bubbles) was her nickname but not username... I said "I don't believe I answered you...I would love to buy your goblin mail!! So she put up the trade and guess what I put up as an offer back??? **5mil**gp...she declined the trade and said I know that its not worth that much and i can't take your money, but I replied It has no use to me compared to the joy I get from giving So she put up the trade and I gave her 5mil gp I wish we were still friends today, but sadly she grew to quit rs due to family issues and never started playing again, but I got a new friend and the joy of giving people what I take for granted NEW MOST GENEROUS MOMENT!!!=>most generous moment
  3. The other spot I did hang out was varrock square south entrance to the castle...I have some extremely old computers
  4. Draynor market comparing holiday items was my favorite hang out before grand exchange came out but I still love draynor even though no one hangs out there anymore...Its almost a ghost town now...there aren't even woodcutters there anymore
  5. If it goes over 750mil I pledged to Tore I would straight up donate another 5mil... 1BIllion HERE WE COME!!
  6. Things happen when you have a sleeping disorder in this case I customized my profile and added every masor in the members list...

  7. think I have finally customized my profile completely

  8. Although, thanks a lot for going through it. <3 No problem I just noticed it in the recent posts so I was like O i wanna read this see how its getting along and I was OMG there is alot of mistakes I'll post a few suggestions to help him get started I'll keep looking through your new parts as you add them so you might be seeing alot of comments that you planned on changing when you were done with the guide...TILL THEN LET YOUR MIND FLOW LIKE WATER OUT OF SARADOMIN'S WATER STAFF!! :wizard:
  9. Here a few mistakes/suggestions I have for you to get you started on the right path to a good guide...Take what you want from what I have given you for options, but I hope these suggestions help you make a great guide to show off our clans awesome prowess. PS. I tried to keep them in the order that they are found in the guide to make it easier for you to find them ";..;" 1.)Title: Change to "How to use Google Docs for Runescape" or "Google Docs and its uses while playing Runescape" or something along those lines 2.)1. What are Google docs 2. Why use Google docs puncutate them with ? marks everywhere in your guide 3.)"5. Examples of stuff made with spreadsheets": Do not use the word "stuff" in a guide there are plenty of other words to replace "stuff" 4.)"Google docs are an online freely available": Poor use of grammer consider revising to " Google docs is an easily accessible free online application that is similar to" 5.)"why use documents at all for RS?": I know everyone knows RS stands for Runescape, but it looks better to type it out as Runescape even if it makes the sentence bigger try to avoid lingo in a guide... 6.)"It is just a normal game to passing time, innit?": Again with the lingo "innit" should say "isn't it" 7.)"If you merch, it is the best way to keep track of what you buy / sell.": Should say something like "When merching in Runescape; the best(or easiest ur choice) way to keep track of your buying and selling would be Google Docs." 8.)"You can make simple easy calculators" simple/easy redundant one or the other not both so try something like "you can make simple calculators" or "you can make easy to use calculators" 9.)1. What are Google docs : content below would look nicer with bullets/numbering before each item 10.)"Google docs also offers that one unique advantage over any other spreadsheet application, the simple fact that it is online.": Poor grammer- try revising to this "Google docs also offers a unique advantage over other spreadsheet applications; the fact that it is an online application. 11.)"How convenient to have the same file in front of you even when you switch computers!": Could use revising try this version "It is very convenient to be able to share documents with multiple computers instantaneously." 12.)"You can even share the file with friends and work together in real time! Gotta love the net, eh!": "Comments are not necessarily recommended throughout a guide if they do not help explain the topic at hand... try revising to "Google Docs allows friends to work together simultaneously on the same document without leaving their individual computers." 13.)"It is the simplest thing in the whole guide! Yay!": Again with the unnecessary commentary... try this " Opening Google Docs is the easiest part:" 14.)"First you will need to make a Google email account if you don't already have one. Next you will need to visit to get started on making your Google Docs account. Once you have arrived at the website; click "Create new" and select the type of document you want to create. (notice i kept the same word usage throughout the sentence if you use create in the beginning of the sentence don't switch to make at the end of the sentence) Now you're finally ready to start using Google Docs." 15.)"Alrighty": slang use plain alright 16.)"First things first, just get used to using a spreadsheet if you've never used one before": slight revision is needed first punctuation at the end of the sentence-"First things first, you will want to get comfortable using a spreadsheet before you advance to the next step in this guide."(feel free to leave smileys etc at ends of paragraphs just dont let them get excessive)
  10. April Fool's is for people that are "foolish" enough to celebrate not me
  11. I play combat arms, I run 10-20 miles a day rain or shine I am a marathon runner. Fitness takes up some of everyday. I'm freshman in college at Indiana Tech studying Computer Engineering-Hardware Feel free to read more about me in my About Me on my Profile that i created right before this post...
  12. I'm happy now I spent some of monday and tuesday merching iron ore...tbh it was my first attempt to merch in over a year but I am happy to report that i made 4mil merely flipping iron ore starting at 2mil
  13. speaking of a failure at merching "me" what should i merch if have 1-2mil cash that i can use for merching i never seem to choose the right items to merch or how to tell when to drop them all any tips or maybe even a guide to how to know what to merch would be greatly appreciated
  14. When I was a noob I was lucky enough to have a friend to help me do some of the simple things of the game, but i spent a month or so fighting chickens and chopping wood to make fires... I fear i made the same mistake as others before me had made. I hoarded everything in my inventory or sold it to the general store... this was long before grand exchange... I died from a goblin of all creatures with every last gp i owned somewhere around 10000gp and my tools i had spent months trying to get... I was really mad when i lost my full bronze to it too because i did not know that the grave stayed there so i could pick my stuff up... i spent the next week begging high-lvl players to gift me something yet back then no one was very nice to me being a lvl 10... So i sought the help of my real friend whom at the time was a lvl 110 and he gave me 5k and i was the happiest player ever...
  15. "Before you start, I would reccomend grabbing a calculator and a piece of paper to record your notes and hours required." You misspelled recommend in your guide... Located second line of Examples of Testing Efficiency
  16. Overall a great guide to prevent hacking although there are portions i disagree with but will not comment on at this time...
  17. I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs!
  18. Slaye


    slay0master mining lvl is 62 smithing lvl is 68