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  1. Wild finally took me to do raids... I now have a 1 kc Diddyzag peg.

  2. Haven't seen an unreadable page in months/about 20 hours of page-boosting juju potions... suddenly while duoing 1-29 to prestige for weekend event, I get 2 pages and my partner gets the Dungeoneering pet

  3. If you ever want help learning, feel free to give me a heads up before the warband and I will guide, protect, and defend you! Warbands. Scary! Wilderness? No! PKers! 200-300k xp/day? Hmm. Tempting. OK! How? For the full information, check out the wiki page: For a quick outline, go to the bottom of the guide. This is a simple, barebones guide to my methods of earning 100k, 200k, or even 300k xp (depending on speed/luck) in one of 5 skills as little as 15 minutes. General Info Wilderness Warbands occur every 7 hours at the top of the hour. On each world, a warband camp spawns in one of three places, the specific one being announced in worldwide chat. These warband camps contain a fairly strong boss and mildly strong warriors representing either Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, or Zamorak, 5 tents, and a central beam extending into the sky. When each warband is not active there is nobody there, the tents are tattered and grey rather than colorful with a god symbol, and there is no central beam. At an active warband, you must first interrupt the central beam by siphoning it from a distance for a minute or two (without alerting the guards); this gives prayer xp. The beam will then change color and you will be able to 'summon reinforcements' which, after a little bit, will teleport in fighters from a rival god faction to attack the camp members; this gives summoning xp. At that point you can help them defeat the original inhabitants; this gives slayer xp. When this is done, the summoned fighters will declare victory, celebrate for a moment, and then teleport away, allowing you to begin raiding the warband supplies from the tents. Each warband contains 5 tents containing supplies for 5 different skills, but only 3 of them (randomly) will be available to loot from every warband. When you click the tent to start looting, you will be skulled and can be attacked by anyone. Each warband will allow you to take up to 25 supplies from the camp. You can turn in up to 75 supplies a day, which can be obtained either by fully looting 3 separate warbands or PKing others for their supplies. Each set of 25 will give you the option of either 100,000 coins (4,000 per supply) or experience (up to 121,287.5 at level 99). Matt11098/Mega Feebas' Mega Guide to Rapid, Effective, and Minimal-Loss Warbands This will essentially be a summary of my warbands methods, which I have found to be very effective. On the above wilderness map, the warbands are represented by circles and a star. Stick with the Dark Warriors' Fortress warband in ~level 8 wilderness, the star. SCREW the circles. I mean, you can do those warbands if you want to bet on them being less populated, but they take far longer to get to and from (you can teleport/etc. there but cannot teleport with supplies in your inventory). After gathering your supplies, you need to make your way to the purple circle (Quercus, outside the wilderness next to the GE underwall shortcut) preferably using the path highlighted in green (most direct route). If you are threatened by PKers, the yellow path(s) may give alternatives to get you out faster or take a route less likely to be stalked by PKers. In the second picture, the skills available from each tent are labelled. Going clockwise from the large tent they are as follows: vial = herblore tree = farming pickaxe-thing = mining anvil-thing = smithing house = construction In addition, the purple arrow/red circle is the leader/'boss.' He is always in the same position, on the west side (of the DWF warband, at least). When fighting commences, it's best to leave him for last as he is somewhat tough but not aggressive. Your summoned reinforcements will finish off all the others before piling on the boss at the end. The blue arrow points out the central beam, which you can either 'interrupt' or 'summon reinforcements' with. When doing so, you will approach the camp to about 15 tiles away from the beam. Make sure when you do so that you don't go too close to the warriors/guards; in particular, do NOT approach the camp from the side where the two warriors circled in orange are sparring. The text above them is indicating that they see someone. When someone gets too close, they'll say "what was that?" If you don't move away, they'll say "There it is again!" if at any point you finally move away, they'll say something like "must of been the wind." If you refuse to move or actually ENTER the camp before summoning reinforcements, you will alert the camp. At this point the beam will stop and you will have to take out the fighters yourself. You will also have a shortened time to do it (5 minutes) and there will be fewer resources in the camp overall (each camp has a set amount of resources for everyone; when they've been depleted, the camp dies). What about PKers? PKers are unlikely to attack you at least until the warband looting begins. I have found it is more likely to occur when a friends chat/group (often wearing matching capes) is there with you. PKers also tend to wear strong gear/weapons and bring a yak, although plenty of pkers just wear royal dragonhide and plenty of people with dragonhide/yaks are not PKers. If you are attacked, it is commonly an accident; if it isn't, you need to be prepared to respond. I use a 3-pronged approach: 1. Gear: I wear full royal dragonhide, a dark bow, and dark arrows- all strong enough for the warband, strong against magic if you're attacked by a mage, yet cheap if lost- so cheap, in fact, that PKers usually won't pick it up, so you can often return to your death location and obtain your stuff when it appears to the public. This gear, plus a few pieces of food should make it easier to escape the wilderness. Speaking of which... 2. Location. Luckily you are at the level 8 warband like I told you to go to, so you only have to run/survive for about 20-30 seconds and you're home free with your supplies and gear. Of course, if you bring too much food you can't get as many supplies, so you need all the help you can get. Which brings us to: 3. Abilities. There are a few key abilities for warbands, namely Surge (to zoom forward and escape PKers or just move faster; don't surge into a tree!), Anticipation (reduces damage by 10% and prevents binds for a short while), and Freedom (frees you from binds and prevents new ones for a short while). If you're like me and use a dark bow or another setup that includes a shield(bow), you should also consider defensive abilities such as Reflect (threshold that reflects 50% of damage), Debilitate (threshold that cuts enemy damage output by 50%), Devotion (threshold that increases overhead prayer protection from 50% to 75% damage reduction in PVP situations), and Resonance (the easiest to use, this makes the next hit heal you instead of harm you). Speaking of which, remember to use overhead prayers and protect item (if you want) when you're attacked. Why? Is it worth the time and risk? Yes. Each of the skills is either slow or expensive to train. For example, if herblore is 10 gp/xp to train at an appreciable rate, then the cost of one 100k xp warband would normally be 1 million coins. In this situation, if you die 9 times for every success and lose 100k worth of gear each time (worst case scenario with very poor luck and lack of practice), you would still come out ahead, with a total "price" of 9 gp/xp (lost gear getting free xp). I am not a PvP oriented person, but just with warbands street smarts I am only attacked about 30% of the time and only die in about 20% of those cases, for a total daily death rate of no more than 5-10%. Keep in mind that you can often go back and get some or all of your stuff if you are killed; sometimes PKers kill you purely for fun and don't take your gear OR supplies (in which case you can recover them and keep going). Sometimes you can even make money by picking up OTHER victims' gear! Some other pointers/Summary (AKA Read this if nothing else) 1. Focus on the Dark Warriors' Fortress Warband. Teleport to the Edgeville lodestone, stock up at the bank with royal dragonhide (or other cheap gear), a dark bow and arrows (or other cheap-ish weapon, unless you don't want to PvP back and plan to leech off a cleared warband), at least 2 food like shark, and maybe more food or even an emergency teletab (which you can only use until you start looting the camp). 2. Cross the wall and approach the warband from the southeast. If there's one active, proceed; otherwise hop worlds until you find one. 3. Position yourself so you won't be near any enemies and alert them. Interrupt the magic beam for a minute, then summon reinforcements with the new beam that appears. Help your new friends kill the camp inhabitants and then the boss, or just hang back and let them/other players do the dirty work. 4. When you're out of combat and the fighters are all gone, loot your tent of choice for the xp supplies you want. Only 3 of 5 will be available. You can take up to 25 per warband for up to 100k coins or up to 120k xp depending on level. 5. Make your way out of the Wilderness and to Quercus. If you're attacked, even if before you have all your supplies, run away and use your abilities to help escape/minimize damage/heal. You can always redeem your supplies, then go back and loot the rest from the camp. 6. Begin hopping again to find more worlds. You can do 3 warbands per day, and you can actually 2 or all 3 in the same 'period' if you're fast enough and lucky with finding quiet, non-empty camps! I can get all 3 done within the ~15 minutes the warbands are active about 40-50% of the time, and I get at least 2 done 80-90% of the time. Enjoy! *I may create a video of me doing some warbands if there is any demand and if I can figure out how to.*
  4. Got my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 99s at the same time- mine, slay, farm

  5. Got those Mega Ducklings and now I'm totally quackers B)

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      Nice! I'm only 'Quackers' :P

  6. Happy Weste- I mean, Easter!

  7. Thanks Wild, I actually started trying to figure some of this stuff out for myself a few days ago. None of the pictures load for me, but I'm sure they're all lovely to look at.
  8. :wub:Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hopefully you were able to spend some quality time with your significant other, or at least follow-dance around the Prifddinas lodestone with your e-date. <3

  9. Down with the leadership! Long live King Tommy!

  10. I get the feeling that all the information gathering is done since the ebook is already done and out
  11. Happy New Year MaSoRS! :P

  12. Dungeoneering event today at 3:00 EST! If you are unable to attend, please send a 500 word essay explaining why you should be excused.

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      a 500 word essay why you shoud be excused

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      a 500 word essay why you shoud be excused

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      How is that an essay? 500 words? Really? That's it?

  13. Back a year or two ago, at christmas time, my friends and I dressed up in our santa suits (w/out santa hat of course) and went around RS for a few hours asking people if they had been good or bad , then giving them either a bunch of stuff or some coal. I did it this year too, but it was just me, and I quit after an hour because only 3 or 4 people responded to me. ahh, good times.
  14. crap i continuously double post on everything here!

  15. Vaporizer53 is mah BRO