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  1. Wild finally took me to do raids... I now have a 1 kc Diddyzag peg.

  2. Haven't seen an unreadable page in months/about 20 hours of page-boosting juju potions... suddenly while duoing 1-29 to prestige for weekend event, I get 2 pages and my partner gets the Dungeoneering pet

  3. If you ever want help learning, feel free to give me a heads up before the warband and I will guide, protect, and defend you! Warbands. Scary! Wilderness? No! PKers! 200-300k xp/day? Hmm. Tempting. OK! How? For the full information, check out the wiki page: For a quick outline, go to the bottom of the guide. This is a simple, barebones guide to my methods of earning 100k, 200k, or even 300k xp (depending on speed/luck) in one of 5 skills as little as 15 minutes. General Info Wilderness Warbands occur every 7 hour
  4. Got my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 99s at the same time- mine, slay, farm

  5. Got those Mega Ducklings and now I'm totally quackers B)

    1. Coldsteelx


      Nice! I'm only 'Quackers' :P

  6. Happy Weste- I mean, Easter!

  7. Thanks Wild, I actually started trying to figure some of this stuff out for myself a few days ago. None of the pictures load for me, but I'm sure they're all lovely to look at.
  8. :wub:Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hopefully you were able to spend some quality time with your significant other, or at least follow-dance around the Prifddinas lodestone with your e-date. <3

  9. Down with the leadership! Long live King Tommy!

  10. I get the feeling that all the information gathering is done since the ebook is already done and out
  11. Happy New Year MaSoRS! :P

  12. Dungeoneering event today at 3:00 EST! If you are unable to attend, please send a 500 word essay explaining why you should be excused.

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    2. si verion

      si verion

      a 500 word essay why you shoud be excused

    3. marbl


      a 500 word essay why you shoud be excused

    4. DarkVortexX


      How is that an essay? 500 words? Really? That's it?

  13. Back a year or two ago, at christmas time, my friends and I dressed up in our santa suits (w/out santa hat of course) and went around RS for a few hours asking people if they had been good or bad , then giving them either a bunch of stuff or some coal. I did it this year too, but it was just me, and I quit after an hour because only 3 or 4 people responded to me. ahh, good times.
  14. crap i continuously double post on everything here!

  15. Vaporizer53 is mah BRO