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Hello! Here's my story:

I made my Runescape account in 08 or 09, a while after watching my brother and a couple friends play; I joined MaSoRS in February 2011. I remember the 2011 drop party, though I just dropped a few rune things for a short while because I was too busy to join in the official hierarchy and a bit lazy. 

In the christmas events of 2013 I was at the party room and received a christmas cracker. Inside that fated cracker, much to my surprise, was a black santa hat! Up to this point I had been mostly F2P, with a few forays into P2P with a membership card here or there. I decided to sell it for ~300M to buy a year of gold premier club and have a good amount of spending gold left over. That was an active year of both RuneScape and MaSoRS activity for me, and when it ran out I even decided to actually spend some money on the following year's bronze premier package. In February or so, burnout hit me like a brick wall; I logged off and just never went back to anything RS. Before that I accomplished a lot: my first skillcape at 99 dungeoneering (and eventually 103), finishing most of the quests, unlocking Prifddinas (where I eventually had my membership-ending revelation), and getting all of my skills into the 80s, with a few in the 90s. I participated in some MaSoRS events, and even hosted one or two, although that year had fewer events than I would have liked. 

I've been thinking about getting back into RS recently, but if I did, it would probably be as a paying member rather than F2P since my P2P experience spoiled me so much. :P My priorities have been changing a lot IRL as well, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to put in enough time to justify spending the money on it, but maybe I'll give it a try again sometime in 20167!

I might consider dropping in for some F2P events in the meantime, if there are any. See you all around!