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  1. It feels so empty when you get a 99 you totally didn't care about =/

    1. Coldsteelx


      :o What was it?

    2. Galan234


      Sorry for such a big delay! =O
      Crafting it was..

  2. [ I anticipate that this is a low-mid level guide, aimed mostly to those current or future fellow Masors who have some trouble in maintaining a Bond or in making consistent cash at all as they start being members ] Ok, so we were talking ingame the other day about bonds, dailies and such, and Anprman suggested that I made a post here based on the things that I mentioned on that conversation. This is not going to look nearly as cute as most guides we are used to see cause more than a ~how to do stuf it is more of a list of ~what things you wanna know you can do in order to make some e
  3. Crafting Level 80!

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    2. Galan234


      TYVM! More coming due to the low price of hard leather xD

    3. Canac


      Grats Galan!

    4. Joshua


      Nice work, congratulations

  4. Firemaking Level 98 xD

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    2. Leena



    3. Tommy
    4. Galan234


      only saw this response now, sry... late thanks!

  5. 99 Mining was more devasting than I imagined it would be awesome.

    1. Mining Masor

      Mining Masor

      It wasn't so bad :P I'm working on 100m mining xp as of now

    2. Galan234


      I was refering to the membership trial bug...

      But anyway, omg epic gratz if u have already reached those 100m!

  6. 4k xp till 99 Mining!

  7. 51K xp till Pure F2P 99 Mining!

    1. j dot hallz
    2. Galan234


      only seen this response now, sry... Very late tyvm!

  8. 69K xp left till Pure F2P 99 Mining! Posting the Event Details ASA possible!

  9. 115K xp left till Pure Free 99 Mining

  10. 153K xp till 99 Mining...