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  1. I would really replace ultimatums on weapons, get precise 5 and any combo of precise/equibrium or better aftershock. If anything ultimatums is hurting you if you are using a vigour switch for ultimates. Crystal shield is completely worthless with its effects and 1 minute cooldown per activate. Really don't need enhanced/regular devoted unless your going to do something like solo gwd2 or higher.
  2. If anyone has Portable Deposit Boxes, I'll gladly "pay" for them or trade for portables on Double XP Weekend

  3. Great guide and you can also get an extra 3k broad heads from the Bandit Camp when your skulled(it's in Wild so mild risk) Also there is the 1k yakhides that give about 450-500k+ profit in like 10minutes.
  4. Updated Invention Guide with the perks that I personally use.

  5. Muspah & Airut Guide General Requirements for Muspahs Fate of the Gods Quest The World Wakes Quest Ancient Magics 95+ Prayer for Soulsplit and Torment Items Needed Crystal Staff or better to disassembly or siphon (2 if weapon is level 4+) Gano top and bottom (2 if armor is level 7+) Fire and Blood runes for blood blitz, blitz over barrage because the damage is the same with crystal staff Blood Fury or Blood Arcane Necklace 3 Supreme Overloads Penance Aura > Vampyrism 50 Vis Wax to extend Aura 30minutes Ice Nihil - You need the accuracy buffs with t70-80 weapons, they last 90minutes 10-15 Rocktails if using Penance Super Restore Flasks if using Vampyrism 5-6 rocktails for last ditch heals, 3 Super Pray Renewals or use Supreme Overload Salve Spring Cleaner, if you have it Magic Notepaper for dragon maces and rune items Best Magic Bar for this, just move abilities down if you don't have corruption blast, and have auto retaliate on Stand in this area and use sunshine/ice asylum when needed and repot overloads and pray renewals every 6 minutes. Pray Soulsplit and Torment Airut Method - OLD DON'T CANNON THEM General Requirements for Airut 90+ Melee 95+ Prayer for Turmoil 99 Herblore for Supreme Overload Salves Items Needed Malev > Refined Zaros > Torva > Zaros > Tetsu Noxious Scythe > Dragon Rider Lance > Attuned Crystal Halberd Supreme Overload Salves Brawler > Dark Magic > Penance Aura > Vampyrism Auras Amulet of Souls Cannon Cannonballs Super Restore Flasks Spring Cleaner, if you have it Magic Notepaper for Airut Bones and rune items
  6. Best Npcs to kill NPC - 2h xp - mh/armor xp - oh xp Airut - 123 - 82 - 41 Celestial Dragons - 112 - 74 Eddimus - 92 - 61 - 30 Elves - 92 - 61 - 30 Ganodermic Beasts - 65 - 43 - 21 Muspah - 64 - 42 - 21 While muspah and ganos give lower xp I perfer them when off slayer task because of the ease of killing off task and speed for power leveling invention. Another good sort of afk method is to take a halberd and barrows armor to bandos area in gwd1 and use soulsplit with bonecrusher/demonhorn and attack orks. Orks will pile you and just use hurricane and quake when they are off cooldown.
  7. Best gear to use While 2handers and duel wield are roughly same dps they are slight difference in cost. 2handers cost slightly less than their duel wield counterpart, level 1.5x faster than mainhands, so in turn you need less augmentors and/or siphons. 2 Handers: 1.5x equipment xp Main Hand: 1x equipment xp Off Hand: 0.5x equipment xp Armor: 1x equipment xp Disassembling Gear Disassembling items at level 10 gives the full xp 4x the components if you just disassembled the item without an augment. Also any gizmos added are given back. Magic is by far cheapest gear to use for disassembling as of (4/4) is using crystal staff and ganodermic armor. Doing ganos 1-99 is very viable method if you have the slayer level for them. They drop flakes which are made for the armor and on average get enough to make 2-3 sets per leveling of one armor set. Melee is bit harder for most part as there are less option for speed kills. Crystal halberds are easily the best melee weapon to augment for disassembly because of their attack range and ability to hit more targets being a 2h. Barrows gear is really only viable option for disassembling. Range has the cheapest options by using Black Salamanders but it lacks the ability to use dragonbanes. Like melee, range doesn't have a cheaper armor set besides barrows. Royal crossbow is slightly better for disassembly because of its cheaper cost and ease of gathering compared to other tier 80 items. Royal bow also gets the full 540k when disassembled. Siphoning Siphoning removes the xp from an augmented item and gives the xp that would have been given for disassembling the item the item 2 levels lower. Siphons should be used at level 9 or at level 12. Siphoning at level 9 is slightly faster than leveling it to level 12, roughly 30k xp per hour but you need 2 siphons(~350k each). Level 12 takes twice as long compared to level 9 but it doesn't cost an extra siphon. When siphoning any gizmos stay on the equipment ( for Dan :p). Siphoning is best used on tier 80+ weapons and gwd+ armors. god war 1 armors are good because of their low upkeep cost of divine charges. Nex gear ends up outclassing void and tier 90 power with the right perks . I recommend not augmenting Ports gear unless you plan on tanking bosses or learning Araxxi. This is because ports gear is roughly 3x cost of divine charges over gwd armors and the defensive boost isn't worth the lower dps.
  8. Best Gizmos These are the best gizmo and perk combinations that you can use for combat and skilling. You shouldn't try to dump millions to get the rank 3+ and combos on perks until you are at leave 90+ because you have a very low chance to get them without negative perks. Once you get 74 you should get Precise 5 and Impatient 3 on all your gear, they are the absolute best perks to add dps and make augmenting worthwhile. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Perks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19psrP4KACB1VVVarYaYKrciFGURKLuED_Jzf9Zw473Q/htmlview# Arrow's Perks as of 2/24/17 Item - Gizmo 1, Gizmo 2 - Gizmo 1 recipe, Gizmo 2 recipe WEAPONS Seren Godbow - Precise 5, Aftershock 3 - 5 Arma, 5 Ilujankan Noxious Staff - Precise 5, Aftershock 3 - 5 Arma, 5 Ilujankan Noxious Scythe - Precise 5, Aftershock 3 - 5 Arma, 5 Ilujankan Chaotic Longswords - Precise 5, Flanking 2 - 5 Arma, 5 Clockwork Chaotic Crossbow - Scavenging 2 Offhand Chaotic Crossbow - Precise 5 Chaotic Spear - Precise 5, Flanking 2 - (Flanking is fantastic at Corp if your in a group) Dark Bow - Aftershock 1, Mobile demon bait - 2 Ilujankan, 1 dextrous (Keeps Aftershock damage stack for shield switching, Moblie helps with Path 3 of Araxxor and general adrenaline stalling) Abyssal Wand - Wise 2 - Dex (for skilling requiring no main hand tool and have Sliske's Endgame catalyst fragment) Ahrim's Book - Mobile, Wise 2 - 1 dextrous 4 flexible (Clue scrolls and general running around) rubber chicken - Brassian and Hallucinogenic - 5 brassian Offhand rubber chicken - Wise 3 - 5 seren Vengeful Kiteshield - Turtling 2 Venomblood Chaotic Kiteshield - Turtling 2 Venomblood ARMORS Pernix Body - Enhanced Devo3, Biting 2, Reflexes - 5 Facated, 4 direct 1 harnessed Pernix Chaps - Crackling 3, Impatient 3, Devotion 2 - 5 explosive, 5 zamorak Armadyl Body - Undead Slayer, Genocidal, Dragon Slayer - 5 undead, 5 dragonfire Armadyl Chaps - Crackling 3, Impatient 3 - 5 explosive, 5 zamorak Bandos Body - Undead Slayer, Genocidal, Impatient 3 - 5 undead, 5 zamorak Bandos Tass - Crackling 2, Biting 2, Scavenging 2, Looting - 3 direct 2 explosive, 5 precious Virtus Top - Crackling 3, Impatient 3 - 5 explosive, 5 zamorak Virtus Bottoms - Biting 2, enhanced devo3 - 5 precise, 5 facated Subj top - Crackling 3, Impatient 3 - 5 explosive, 5 zamorak Subj legs - Undead Slayer, Genocidal, Scavenging 2 - 5 undead, 5 precious TOOLS Crystal Hatch - Honed 4, Furnace 3, Polishing 3 - 5 sharp, 5 dextrous (Use polishing for doing the Arc) Crystal Pick - Honed 4, Furnace 3, Polishing 3 - 5 sharp, 5 dextrous Crystal Hammer - Tinker 2, Rapid 2 Crystal Tinderbox - Rapid 2 Pyromaniac 2 Crystal Rods / Rod-o-matics - Honed 4, Furnace 3, Enlightened 2, Wise 2 - 5 sharp
  9. Augmentors & Fishing Rod-o-Matic Augmentors are the main source of giving your weapons and armors the ability to gain xp and later invention xp by breaking it down or siphoning the stored xp. Each augmentor needs Divine Energy, 45 Base Parts 45 Flexible, 45 Tensile, 8 Enhancing, and 7 Powerful. Base Parts come from bolts, swords and shields (Ascension bolts, Royal Bolts, White Knight Shop, other sword shops) Flexible Parts come from bows and summoning pouches (Unstrung bows, Terrorbird or Yak pouches) Tensile Parts come from bows, crossbows and ranged armors (Unstrung bows) Enhancing come from offhand magic items, jewellery, glass objects, food and herbs (Slayer Rings, Crystal or Potion Flasks) Powerful come from magic mainhand and armors, summoning pouches and runes (Terrorbird or Yak pouches, battlestaves) Fishing Rod-o-Matic Rod-o-matic required 22 invention and gives the same xp as a crystal rod pros : doesn't require 94 fishing and plagues end quest, no need for augmentor and tool seed cons: 5% slower than crystal rod, swift components are expensive
  10. Getting Started on Invention & Disassembling Items & Discoveries Invention is the first Elite skill from runescape and requires 80 Divination, Crafting and Smithing. Once you have those skills head to falador lodestone and head northeast on the path until you find the invention guild. Inside Speak to Doc and he will get you started on augmenting your first item, the deadly flower. The first few levels are the longest, I recommend just disassembling cheap items and going to stores around the game to collect components. Disassembling Disassembling breaks down an item and gives components to use with invention, think of it as alching 2.0. Everything you do with invention needs components to making augmentors, creating divine charges and making gizmos. You can disassemble nearly everything in the game. Fully leveled augmented items give higher amounts of components when disassembling compared to an unaugmented item. More common an item is the higher junk chance it has so you need pick whether if it is worth it to use the higher tier in terms of component gathering. Discoveries Discoveries let you well discover new ways to use invention by "learning" new components to use, lets you create new devices and reduce your divine charge usage and reducing your junk chance when disassembling. Discoveries are a minigame like interface that you match 5 objects until you line them up until they become perfect.
  11. Quite a few of you have been asking about how I have been doing invention and general leveling up on it. So I figured I would try to cover the basics over the next few days. Disassembling items, How to make augmentors, Which gizmos are worth using and the Best npcs to kill for item leveling.