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  1. My favorite rs town has to be Falador. The mining guild used to be such a great place to meet new people and chat. Got scammed for the first time at the East bank (bought 200 coal for the price of 2000 coal ). Killed cows and chickens at the farm just south of the city walls for gp. Pretended to be an evil villain and stormed the white knights' castle casting fire bolt on the heroic knights. And sold a bunch of smithed sq shields and chainbodies to the shops. Favorite hangout is the Giant Mole Cave .
  2. I was lucky, had some friends that were already into the game when I joined. They told me fishing was the best way to go gp-wise (this was back in RS Classic so fishing equipment and the time leveling were considered a significant investment). Still remember getting up 30 minutes before class to net shrimps . When I finally had enough for a black battle-axe all the other shrimp netters were envious .
  3. RSN: LdWinterKay Mining: 71 Smithing: 66 I have read and understand the rules to MaSoRs! Edit: Have I done something wrong? I don't understand why the application after mine gets accepted and locked when none of the admins have commented on this one.