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  1. Just got 99 mining!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Joshua


      Wow, congratulations!

      I got to 91 or 92 mining years ago and I was like... "screw this!" lol.  You did good!

    3. Tommy
    4. Jardeath
  2. Looking for people to do co-op slayer with so I can get a freezy pet. 

  3. Got total lvl 2111 ;P A fun number

  4. Got 99 Constitution! I like the cape.

  5. Finished the hard desert task set.

  6. Passed the 2100 total lvl milestone!

  7. 13 more quests

    1. mactown08


      nice! ive got 10 more -.-

  8. 14 more quests left

  9. 1 cooking level til 80 and sharks : )

  10. I did do the application a few months ago, but never got validated in the forums it seems. I just got approved to join the clan and joined. My Mining lvl is 80, smithing is 75, and [color=red][b]I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! :wub: [/color][/b] I resent my validation on the 15th, but I can resend it if you need.
  11. Hey, its Maniacofad, I decided to get on the forums for the first time since I joined the clan, and found that I don't have full access to the site. This is the only place I can post. It would be nice if this could be fixed. Thanks
  12. [color=red][b]I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! :wub: [/color][/b] forgot to add this
  13. RS name: Maniacofad Mining Level: 75 Smithing Level: 70 Interested in joining.