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  1. Someone tell me how to join the clan chat in game?

    1. celticno1


      Is it not just Masors?

  2. I've been playing this game called Qonqr that's like a military style pvp game where you build bases and deploy bots to defend them and launch bots to destroy enemy bases. It's on iPhone and Windows phone. If you play it, put me (Zaraldreyn) in as your recruiter, because then I get free crap. Also started playing this MMO called Neverwinter, which is awesome, except it's got a lot of glitches and lags really bad on my 9 year old Dell computer. But it's got Dungeons and Dragons style user created content that gives you tons of currency. It's also got low level instance type things that you can solo and get gear and stuff. Haven't done any raiding in it though, so I can't comment on that. And the reason I haven't raided in Neverwinter is because my boyfriend's roommates just got him back into WoW, which pretty much means I'm back into WoW. Alliance on Kael-thas server if anyone else is playing.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Americans!

  4. Cats would make much better pets if they weren't nocturnal. >_

    1. gold warrior

      gold warrior

      and fed themselves, and flushed the toilet, and used the toilet, and made money themselves.

    2. Heleen


      I'd just settle for them not waking me up in the middle of the night...

    3. mactown08


      feed them sleeping pills! problem solved

  5. What's the deal with Grape Nuts? They're not grapes. They're not nuts. What's the deal??

    1. Cameron


      Those poor neutered grapes. :(

    2. gold warrior

      gold warrior

      on the same line, why is it called canadian bacon?

  6. Heleen


    Same here. I am disappoint.
  7. RS servers crashed, Blizzard stock goes up a point...

  8. The citadel is the closest bank for bonfires now.

  9. Meanwhile, in tingly-wingly, pixie-wixie land...

    1. Cameron


      oh hi! you're back and stuffs now?

    2. Heleen


      Yes hi! Did you delete me on Facebook or just stop posting? I miss your canoe stories. :(

    3. Mike P.

      Mike P.

      the tingly-wingly, pixie-wixie ponies are at a war with the dumb unicorns...

  10. I named my troll "Pet Kitten." The crunching sound was sickening.

    1. dsquirrelgm


      I found it quite soothing as I named it Dragon hatchet ... so glad to be done with woodcutting training.

    2. gold warrior
  11. Heleen

    Applying Yes

    [b]RS Name:[/b] FatStuff[b]Mining Level:[/b] 60[b]Smithing Level:[/b] 60 [color=red][b]I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! :wub: [/color][/b]