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  1. AQUA!!! AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi....

  2. Hey!! Where have you been?

  3. , it was a joke right? Anyways, the guide is now complete =) Happy scrooging everyone!
  4. Yes there are certain flaws in the plan. For those monsters it's better to use food - but guthans has its weakesses too. In fact, against everything with a mage based attack. Infinite bloodvelds anyone? Top that.
  5. No, unfortunately they cannot be place in baskets . Yea strawberries and sara brews remain the best foods on RS. Drats.
  6. I was mostly kidding for the entire shark/tuna thing guys. The main point is you can get endless training with these things. As long as the monster drops bones, and hit an avg of less than 8 per monster killed, you can train forever.
  7. Shusssh and begone! The Scrooge perfers the magic exp too. Scrooge didn't do mage training arena for profit. Scrooge smarter than that.
  8. Yea, well The Scrooge doesn't have either This is only data generated through research and confirmed by various parties. I'm still working for it myself
  9. Scrooge says: Sell your full guthan's. With the peach you can train forever - cheaply. Disclaimer - Please Read: The following guide is written by one of the cheapest, most pinch-penny, richest(?) (non-merchant) scrooges of Runescape. The author is not responsible for any psychological trama that fellow players may experience as a result of following the guidelines within this guide. If you are the type of person that uses swordfish instead of tuna to train, or use barrows armor while training, it is adviseable that you stop reading immediately or risk being tainted by the author's abject me