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  1. AQUA!!! AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi....

  2. Hey!! Where have you been?

  3. , it was a joke right? Anyways, the guide is now complete =) Happy scrooging everyone!
  4. Yes there are certain flaws in the plan. For those monsters it's better to use food - but guthans has its weakesses too. In fact, against everything with a mage based attack. Infinite bloodvelds anyone? Top that.
  5. No, unfortunately they cannot be place in baskets . Yea strawberries and sara brews remain the best foods on RS. Drats.
  6. I was mostly kidding for the entire shark/tuna thing guys. The main point is you can get endless training with these things. As long as the monster drops bones, and hit an avg of less than 8 per monster killed, you can train forever.
  7. Shusssh and begone! The Scrooge perfers the magic exp too. Scrooge didn't do mage training arena for profit. Scrooge smarter than that.
  8. Yea, well The Scrooge doesn't have either This is only data generated through research and confirmed by various parties. I'm still working for it myself
  9. Scrooge says: Sell your full guthan's. With the peach you can train forever - cheaply. Disclaimer - Please Read: The following guide is written by one of the cheapest, most pinch-penny, richest(?) (non-merchant) scrooges of Runescape. The author is not responsible for any psychological trama that fellow players may experience as a result of following the guidelines within this guide. If you are the type of person that uses swordfish instead of tuna to train, or use barrows armor while training, it is adviseable that you stop reading immediately or risk being tainted by the author's abject methods of money-saving Also Added Until Further Notice: Author is also not responsible for failure to control yourself in your euphoria once you recognize the importance for this godly method of cheap food (or actually in the case of this client - the realization of his non-scroogist money waste on barrows items) As you can see, the client has obviously lost it. Read at your own risk. I expect no lawsuits from my simple statement: It's just peach and it's better than your guthan. Touche? [X] I accept [_] Blasphemy! I must reach the [Panic Button] before this noob corrupts my soul! I see we have reached an agreement. You've made a wise decision young one. This guide is about the spell "Bones to Peaches" Let's begin: Requirements for the Spell In order to cast the "Bones to Peaches" spell, you will need: 1. Runescape Membership 2. At Least Level 60 Magic 3. Spell Activated (See Activation Requirements Below) 4. Runes Required to Cast Spell (2 Nature, 4 Water, and 4 Earth Runes*) 5. Runes Required to Cast Spell in Graveyard (1 Nature, 2 Water, and 2 Earth Runes) - This is no longer true. The it was a bug and is updated. Requirements for Spell Activation Include: 1. Completing the New Mage Training Arena Numerous Times For a Complete Guide of the Mage Training Arena, Click Here 2. Obtaining: Old Prices - 01/04-01/10/2006: 440 Telekenetic Pizazz Points 600 Alchemist Pizazz Points 7100 Enchantist Pizazz Points 400 Graveyard Pizazz Points (Scrooge laughs at your ill-fortune if you brought at those prices) New Prices: 200 Telekenetic Pizazz Points 300 Alchemist Pizazz Points 2000 Enchantist Pizazz Points 200 Graveyard Pizazz Points 3. Purchasing the Spell from the Rewards Guardian Within the Arena *Note: As the general rule of the scrooge when casting spells. Always use an elemental staff while doing so to conserve pricey runes. In this case, if you have a mud staff, please use it as it will replace both earth and water runes. If you don't, DO NOT BUY it as prices for them are dropping at rates faster than the runes cost. Lastly, if you do have one, use it and then SELL IT! Failure to do will result in the punishment of poorness from the inability to act as a diciplined, true scrooge. Statistics of the Spell: Because you are an amatuer scrooge, the cost for the spell may have slipped out of your head. If that is the case. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed. Do not let it happen again *twack in the head by the cane of Scrooge*. Here they are again... amatuer. 1. 2 Nature, 4 Water, and 4 Earth Runes. ... and remember that true scrooges remember anything pretaining to money. 2. (Experience Per Cast to be Filled in Later by Scrooge) 3. One Cast Converts All of the Bones into Peaches** **Note: This is the only reason why the Scrooge recommends this method!!! Scrooge intelligent. Obey Scrooge now! Statistics of the Peach: (Scrooge thinks that they should add a couple leaves to it to make it more artistically pleasing. Scrooge also thinks it looks like a pink grapefruit, not peach.) 1. Each Peach Heals 8 Hitpoints 2. Peaches Do Not Provide Super Compost when Rotted, so Stop Wasting Them! *twack* 3. Peaches are Not Tradeable 4. Peaches Cannot be Placed in Baskets 5. Peaches May Replace Bananas in the Graveyard Room, Cast Costs are Reduced to the Same as "Bones to Bananas" Financial Profit Calculations Made by Scrooge For a load of 28 bones held in the inventory: 2 Natures, 4 of Either Water or Earth Runes*** = 630 gp 28 Peaches = 224 hp Scrooge says: 2.81 gp for 1 hp healed. During actual realistic training, you generally only have 20 open inventory slots: 2 Natures, 4 of Either Water or Earth Runes*** = 630 gp 20 Peaches = 160 hp Scrooge says: 3.94 gp for 1 hp healed. Scrooge cries for extra 1.13 gp wasted. Scrooge advises that you drop inventory items and pick up extra bones before casting spell for maximum scroogieness!!! But Scrooge compares... For tuna training: 160 hp = 16 tuna = 1600 gp Scrooge says: 10 gp for 1 hp healed. For lobster training: 160 hp = 13.333 lobster = 2666.667 gp Scrooge says: 16.67 gp for 1 hp healed. Scrooge says: Other types of fish food statistics need not be provided. You shouldn't be reading this guide if you used them anyways *twack! bad poser scrooge...* ***Note: Scrooge should need not remind you why it is Water "or" Earth and not "and".