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  1. bnnc


    Hey whatsup guys I am not sure why I am in validation state right now...I just logged in for the first time in awhile and posted a new topic in off topic, then tried to change my email from a realllll old one to my current one and now I can't see anything, aka validation stage. I did not get any email confirming my email switch, and I can't log into my old email account that I was registered with on this board because I think it got I didn't get the "validation email" What's going on? Help please lol Bnnc Tommy edit - Sorry about that, it should be all good now.
  2. excellent excellent. moved to guides. `bnnc
  3. Sole its just a bit higher up on the map then that.
  4. Oh, I thought it wasn't that bad since the teak trees take rougly 3 seconds to respawn. I got like 200 teak logs in about 35 minutes maybe
  5. Very nice! Another way to get teak logs, which is also very very fast, is the one behind/near CW. You run to it, chop 27 logs, use dueling ring to tele to CW, bank your logs, repeat. I would really suggest including that way in your guide
  6. I want to be ani-hacked fix o_O
  7. good guide. usfeul for new players [newbs]