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  1. If only the rest of that client-base would realize that then they might have half a chance...
  2. I have never heard of mIRC described as being an advanced IRC client before....
  3. I make advanced strategy guides, not guides to the noobs
  4. There really isnt anything visual to present in this guide unless you want me to vid it.
  5. For lower levels maybe. I dont have a problem at those waves
  6. So, you want that chest eh? Well, here is how to get it. Equipment: No capes are allowed in BA so do not bring them. Armor:You should have the best def armor that you have. NO mage gear. You just become a drain on the healers in the later stages and especially the queen. Weapons: Dragon Scimitar with or without a Dragon Dagger(++) That is the best 2 weapons to take as whip cannot do aggressive style attacks. Dagger does not have a control attack but its great for killing the fighters and rangers fast with specs after specs are gone go back to scimitar. Wave 1 Through 8 Team Makeup 1 Attacker 1 Collector 1 Healer 2 Defenders Why two defenders? Well that is the spot that can cost you the most points. And try to get friends to be on your team as it is hard to get noobs to call which cost you points Tactics: Start off these waves with everyone with their armor OFF. This is a little trick that can lead to extra points for the team as the healers can heal more, the more they heal, the more points you get. Now for the defender tactic...One defender goes and does the normal job of luring the Runners onto the blades. The other defend job is to prevent the stray runners from reaching the lure cave. If you have a lazy bum healer that will not call, drop a few of each food several steps above the cave and that will force them to turn around. Note about the cannon: NOONE BUT THE COLLECTOR SHALL SHOOT THE CANNON. The only exception is those that have completed killing there assigned monsters. Collectors should try to convert all eggs to reds to help the others out. After Wave 8 you should have gotten enough points to level in your role, get the levels before you go for the items. Wave 9 Team Makeup 1 Attacker 1 Collector 2 Healer 1 Defenders Time to drop the extra defender and get an extra healer as this wave takes longer and if lower combat players you will need to heal more. Same tactics as the previous waves. Better put the armor back on for this one and the queen. Wave 10 = The Queen = Team Makeup 1 Attacker 1 Collector 2 Healer 1 Defenders Scramble!!!! If you have someone that refuses to call you better get him off the team before you start this level. You need to get the monsters killed ASAP, hopefully before the Queen appears. Defender, your blades are the east blades. The west ones are basically useless. Healers, your job is now become a royal pain. You have to eleminate the pinnace healers and keep an eye on the rest of the team. What I like to do is use 2 of the poison foods on a healer then go to the next. Before the queen comes, you dont have to heal so ignore the rest of the team unless their hp's are below 30. Once the queen comes before the healers are dead, one of you should stay by the healing spring and heal those that need healed. The other should be trying to eliminate the remaining healers and let the other healer take care of your team unless you see everyone in danger. Once your monsters are dead stay by the pool and do not move from that spot. Once all of the monsters are dead, you can now begin crafting the Omega Eggs. Remember the CHAD Rule. Collector gets the yellow eggs and gives them to the Healer. Healer dunks the eggs in poison and gives them to the Attacker. Attacker adds spikes to the egg and gives them to the Defender. The Defender warms the egg and gives them back to the Collector. Once the collector has 10 or so omega eggs, go to the cannon and load the eggs Only the collector, attacker and defender should be firing the cannon. The healers should be running back and forth making sure everyone stays healed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do this and make sure everyone on the team is making their calls, this will be easy. Any questions or suggestions, go ahead and post. I will credit any additions.
  7. Never, ever, ever save any valued passwords on any computer file. (Be careful with passwords on browsers that offer password managers. Some browsers allow you to view the saved passwords of different sites.)
  8. Meh that = more clicking and less training, guthan ftw!