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Found 2 results

  1. [ I anticipate that this is a low-mid level guide, aimed mostly to those current or future fellow Masors who have some trouble in maintaining a Bond or in making consistent cash at all as they start being members ] Ok, so we were talking ingame the other day about bonds, dailies and such, and Anprman suggested that I made a post here based on the things that I mentioned on that conversation. This is not going to look nearly as cute as most guides we are used to see cause more than a ~how to do stuf it is more of a list of ~what things you wanna know you can do in order to make some e
  2. RS Name: Nos 482 Mining Level: 83 Smithing Level: 86.55 I have read and understood the rules to MaSoRs! Been a RS player for many years and a P2P member for a lil bit of that time >_<. can't remember when I started, but I know it was long before needing emails for login lol around 2005 maybe 2006. Just looking for a clan I can share my love of mining and smithing with it is low for how long I have played, but over those years I never got too play very long each day or week still somewhat the same today, but hoping to increase my play time and my time spent as P2P.