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Some of the FAQs are here. If there are others I haved missed please PM me it and I'll add it in.:)


What does MaSoRs stand for?

- Miners and Smithers of Runescape

What are the MaSoRs requirements?

- 60 mining and 50 smithing, or 85 in either Mining or Smithing.

What is the MaSoRs uniform?

- Priest Robes with a Rune pick or MasoR Vexillum, and a Black Cape or MaSoR Clan Cape. Rare headgear is optional.

What are the MaSoRs homeworlds?

- 27 is our primary homeworld. It is the world that most members use, and there is normally a clan avatar present on it. 14 is our secondary homeworld, it is used if we are running an event that requires lootshare and sometimes has a second avatar out on it. 34 is our F2P homeworld. 

I have posted more than __ times. Why is my post count not __?

- The off topic forum does not add to your post count. Additionally, some post counts were reduced when we upgraded our forum software.

What do the colours of the people names mean?

- It shows what rank you are.

Bold italic red - Board Admin (Jardeath and Phalonx) / Leader (They can do alot. Make new forums, validate and ban people and moderate along with SMs)

Bold purple - Senior Member (They help leaders moderate all forums)

Purple - Advisory Councilor (They are mods who are retired from RS and advise the clan leadership)

Pink - Member Emeritus (a previous SM, Leader or Board Admin)

Bold black - Member

Black - Validating or Associate

Does MaSoRs have a 1 clan rule?

- MaSoRs does not have a 1 clan rule, however many clans do and we respect that. If your in another clan with the 1 clan rule be sure to get permission so there is no trouble later.

Do MaSoRs have pking wars?

- Masors is a neutral skilling clan and as such we do not participate in any clan wars. We do occasionally have some fun wars for masors only, but that is all.

How and when can I change my member title?

- After 50 posts you can change your member title area. To do this go into my controls and edit your profile. If your able to the member title area will be at the top. (LINK)

How do I change my signature?

- You can change it here.

What is MaSoRS clanchat name?

- It is called 'MaSoRs'.

What do the clanchat ranks mean?

- They depend on what rank you hold in the clan.

iwicQzR.png Corporal - RS-only members

KJ4oT7C.png Sergeant - Full forums-and-RS members

wpfxnFE.png Lieutenant - Distinguished Member

vJQ6Qyf.png Captain - Member Emeritus

EwgZe7K.png General - Advisory Councilor

vjnTu3s.png Admin - Avatar Warden

0uqyjbF.png Organiser - Honoured Member

 afHG2zA.png pHJasu0.png Coordinator and Overseer - Senior Member

RnuMaLZ.png erJUvsT.png Owner and Deputy Owner - Clan Leader

How do I get ranked in the clan chat?

- If you are qualified for a certain rank, then feel free to ask a Leader or Senior Member. They will meet you in-game and change your CC rank.

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