Shooting stars guide!


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Shooting stars guide!

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Shooting stars is a different, challenging, fun and not to say rewarding way to grind some mining XP. This guide will teach you what you need to know about stars to be a successful star miner biggrin.gif

Table of contents:

- Credits

- Dictionary

- Basics

- How to locate a star

- Star landing locations

- Tips


- Thanks to Jagex for making a fun distraction compared to mundane regular mining!

- Thanks to Ahsgreenwave for spotting a few mistakes

- Thanks to Joshua for making a great guide to guides!

Shooting stars dictionary

- Star dust – The “ore” you get from mining stars. Stackable, but you can only keep 200 at a time.

- Scope – Short version of telescope.

- Mh scope, or M’scope – short version of mahogany telescope.

- Star Sprite – the alien inside the stars you are trying to free. He will give you the reward.

- Tubby, Tinky Winky or “The Green Alien” – other words used for the Star sprite.

- Tag – Being the first to locate a star and get a bonus XP reward. Your name will also be displayed in the Observatory.

Basic introduction

Shooting stars is a distraction where you hunt down a star that has crashed on our beautiful RS world, and mine it to for star dust and XP to free the Star Sprite inside for a reward relevant to how much star dust you have mined. You can accumulate a total of 200 star dust, but can continue mining after you got that for XP. The reward for getting 200 dust is: 50 002 gp, 152 Cosmic runes, 52 Astral runes, 20 noted gold ore and a chance to mine double ores for 15 minutes. If you get less dust, the reward will be a percentage of this, relevant to how much dust you had. You get the reward by giving the dust to the Star sprite by talking to him.

To be able to mine a star, a minimum requirement of level 10 mining is needed. However with a low mining level you will be very restricted to mining the actual stars, and won't always reap the full rewards. 30+ mining at least is recommended, but the higher the better smile.gif

Stars land in “waves” every two hours. During a wave, a star will land on every p2p world within 20-30 minutes.

Stars are categorized by size. They can be from size 1-9, the size indicating the stars layer. A star can have a maximum of 9 layers, and as you mine will slowly degrade to layer 1, or level 1 as its referred to, and then eventually break and the Star sprite will show. The top layers are harder to break and doesn't include as much dust as the lower levels, but as a bonus gives high XP each dust. Note that the two last layers have a lot more star dust in them than the other ones.

Here is a handy table on star levels, requirement and XP:

Size: Mining level required: XP each dust

Size 1: level 10: 14 XP

Size 2: level 20: 25 XP

Size 3: level 30: 29 XP

Size 4: level 40: 32 XP

Size 5: level 50: 47 XP

Size 6: level 60: 71 XP

Size 7: level 70: 114 XP

Size 8: level 80: 145 XP

Size 9: level 90: 210 XP

If you are the first to locate a star, you also get an additional bonus XP to top this. The amount of bonus XP you get from this varies with your mining level, and the formula is: Bonus XP = Mining level * 75. If you are level 65 mining and is the first to locate a star you would get: 65 * 75 = 4875 XP as a reward for being first. Your name will also be displayed in the Observatory north of castle wars.

How to locate a star

To begin with this distraction, you will first need to know where a star will potentially land. You will find this out by looking through your telescope in a study in a POH.

You will then get a message saying where the star will land, and you will be given a time frame regarding when it will land. The better the telescope, the smaller time frame you will be given. It is also important that the scope has a clear view, so don't build a room in front of it.

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An oak telescope gives you a 24 minute window.

A teak telescope gives you a 9 minute window.

A mahogany telescope gives you a 2 minute window.

If you have a bad scope, and want a narrower window to work with, it is possible to log out and in again, which will give you a new time window; hopefully you'll be able to find a more exact time frame.

When you are hunting for a star, instead of running around to each location all the time, stay at your scope, and look through it frequently when the star is about to land. When the star is landing you will get some random gibberish message instead of the regular message. Some messages include:

- “Oh no! A giant space spider is eating the moon!” followed by “Phew, it was just a spider on the lens.”

- “Its full of stars”

When you get these messages, the star is landing, and you can then start running for all the locations to locate it.

Star landing locations

Here comes a list with the different areas, and their respective landing locations. Note that a star always land on the RS surface never inside buildings nor underground. The requirement for different locations are listed in the parenthesis. Note that this is a requirement to enter that a specific mine, not the whole area. You can still hunt stars in locations even if you cannot get to all mines, but you may end up not being able to mine the star.

ASGARNIA (Falador and Rimmington area, 40 crafting and a brown apron)

- Mine west of Falador. Agility shortcut west of the bank and continue on the road.

- Crafting guild by the gold rocks. Brown apron and 40 crafting required.

- Rimmington mine

- Outside the Mining guild.

CRANDOR OR KARAMJA (Shortened C&K, Shilo village and Dragon slayer quests)

- Crandor isle, southwest part, south of the 5 mith rocks.

- Brimhaven horseshoe mine, (north west brim).

- Mine by Brimhaven dungeon.

- Jungle mine, just north of shilo and the nature runecrafting altar.

- Shilo gem mine.

FREMENIK LANDS OR LUNAR ISLE (Shortened Fremmy, Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremenink isles, Seal of Passage)

- Mine in Rellaka, entrance within the city fence

- Mine south of Keldagrim entrance

- By the entrance to Lunar Isle Mine

- South of Rune rock on Neitznot

- By mine entrance on Jatizo

- Miscellania mine:

KANDARIN (Ardougne and Yanille area)

- Coal trucks

- East Ardougne mine, south of Legends guild

- Monastary mine, south of Ardougne

- Mine south of Port Kahzard

- Between Yanille bank and Mage guild


- Scorpion mine, north of Al Kharid

- Duel Arena

- By Al Kharid bank

- Mine north of Uzer

- By Nardah bank

- Vultures mine, between Nardah and Sophanem

- Granite quarry

MISTHALIN (Varrock and Lumbridge area)

- By the rune shop in south east Varrock

- South-east Varrrock mine.

- Mine by Champions guild

- East mine in Lumbridge swamp

MORTYANIA OR MOS LE’HARMESS (M&M, Priest in Peril, Cabin Fever, not sure if something is required to enter Burgh de Rott.)

- By Canifis bank

- By Burgh de Rott bank

- By Mos Le’Harmess bank

PISCATORIS, GNOME STRONGHOLD OR TIRANNWN (PGT, access to Lletya and Gnome stronghold)

- In Lletya

- West of spirit tree in Gnome stronghold

- Mine in Piscatoris, south of fishing colony

WILDERNESS (High combat, read more extensive part of the guide (coming soon))

- Mine by Zamorak mage north of Edgeville

- Bounty Hunter bank

- Skelly mine northwest of Edge

- Hobgoblin mine

- Rune rocks

- Outside mage arena bank

- Pirates hideout mine


- Asgarnia and Misthalin stars are called "easy" stars, due to low requirement and fast access to all landing locations. These stars are often spammed with tons of people mining them, and you won't always get a full reward, and get a low amount of xp, from these stars.

- Most other stars usually have a lower number of people searching for them, either due to requirements, or hard to get to landing locations. Desert stars for instance involve a lot of running if you are soloing it, and usually less crowded.

- Wilderness stars usually have a low number of people on it, yielding great XP. But it comes with a risk, some landing spots are in high level wilderness, and there's always a chance of a revenant passing by to kill you.

- In case you missed it, when you're hunting a star: Stay at the scope until it lands, and when it does; start running for the different locations. You can spends minutes searching every location over and over again if you just run around, save yourself the effort.

Tips to hunting with a group

- There are two roles that are needed: Scoper and spotter. The scoper will be in charge of the hunt, and will stay by the telescope until the star lands. Everyone should be in the same clan chat.

- The scoper will assign spots to the spotters, assigning them to a landing location where they will stay put until the star lands. Some spotters may need to cover multiple locations, and should start running/telporting for the second location when the scoper says the star has landed, unless of course the star landed in their first location.

- When the scoper says the star has landed, report if the star has landed in your location or not in the cc.

- To the scoper: Assign the spotters to the hard to get to spots first. Save the locations you can reach yourself most easily to the last spotters. IE: Don't assign the first spotter to a location that can be reached by a teleport within 3 seconds.

Thanks for reading my guide and go hunt them stars!

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