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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in MaSoRs. As a longtime clan of Runescape, we value our relationships with fansites and other clans. We welcome opportunities to form and strengthen these bonds and are always interested in what our clan can do for other players of Runescape.

Some examples:

  • Inter-clan events (boards or RS)
  • Exchange of site links
  • Official affiliations

If you would like to discuss a relationship with our clan on our boards without actually joining, we encourage you to make an account on our boards and make a post below. We would encourage you to give your name, contact info and purpose, but you can include as much or as little detail as you would like. We will have an appointed representative contact you within a few days. Please ensure that you are authorized to speak on behalf of your organization.

If, as a representative, you would like access to the full boards (including events) available to members of our clan, you may also apply for an "associate" position. Those who hold this position are equivalent to a diplomat - you will have free access to our boards but will not appear on the member list or be searchable by any member of the public. If you are interested, please discuss this with your appointed representative.

Any questions can of course be posted here, or privately messaged to any Leader of the clan.

For the Leaders of MaSoRs,


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