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I cordially welcome you to the MaSoRs drop party history thread. This topic lists every drop party ever hosted by the clan, along with an extract from our clan history thread, and a magnitude of pictures and videos to go along side.

First Ever Drop Party

October, 2003

History Extract:

Chapter 4: The first drop party

October had come. MaSoRS has been around as a clan for about a month on RSC. At this point, the Smithers and Miners of Runescape had about 15 or so active members that came to most of the events. The clan was prospering, and doing about average for most skill-based clans at the time.

In the early weeks of October, Xonar had a great idea-instead of simply congaing around to the different mining sites of f2p Runescape, why not gather those ores up and drop them in a small drop party in Falador. This is exactly what happened at the next conga. Members mined mith, addy, and coal, and then dropped it in a small drop party.

About 30 people gathered around the miners, eager to get a coal or a mith, or even a prized adamantine ore (or bar). Little did anyone there know what lay in store for future MaSoRS drop parties.

Soon after thinking of this event, Xonar was made a co-leader of the clan.

MaSoRs Thanksgiving Bash

November, 2003

History Extract:

Chapter 7: The MaSoRS Thanksgiving Bash

The people at RSC, the members of MaSoRS, the drop and fire teams, and the leaders and event organizers of the newly renamed Miners and Smithers of Runescape, had patiently waited for November 28th, 2003, one of the most important dates in MaSoRS history, maybe the most important: the day of the Thanksgiving Day Bash. Finally, the day had come. The members of the clan met about 10 minutes before the party behind Draynor Bank. More people came to that meeting than to any MaSoRS event ever held before. All in all, about 15 MaSoRS showed up. A few more rune items were given to Xonar, the event spokesman, and last-minute uniforms were passed out. MaSoRS formed a conga and traveled to the space to the east of the Mining Guild in Falador, where the drop party was being held.

The drop party was a HUGE success. Special "masking" drop groups and firemakers organized by Visitor provided a steady stream of drops. So much mith and addy was dropped all the time many people were saying things like "When will they ever run out?" and "The drops never stop coming!". Xonar didn't hold contests for his rune at this party, but instead simply had the crowd shout things like miners and smithers rule! Or Go Xonar! To signal him to drop a rune item.

The drop party was a huge success! About 2 million gp in items was dropped by several members. Although there was little rune, about 70-100 people still showed up. The drop party ended after about an hour. People on RSC were posting like mad, saying that it was an awesome drop party and one of the best (or in some cases, the best) drop party they had ever been to. Xonar and many other Masors posted, giving thanks to the people who showed up, the drop teams, and the organizers. At this time, another drop party was planned for late December/early January. If RSC thought the MaSoRS Thanksgiving Bash was the best the clan could do for a drop party, MaSoRS was prepared to prove them VERY wrong.





MasoRs New Years Bash

January, 2004

History Extract:

Chapter 10: The New Years Bash

The MaSoRS New Year's Bash was held on January 18th, 2004-Martin Luther King Jr. Day. For those who are unfamiliar with American holidays, MLK Jr. Day celebrates the life of a leader in the civil rights movement that eventually ended unequal treatment of African Americans in the U.S.

But enough REAL history. At the appointed time, 1:40, Masors began to gather at Varrock East Bank. When Xonar logged in, he was amazed. Nowhere close to this many MaSoRs had ever attended an event before. There must have been at least 30 of them there, ready to contribute to the drop! Xonar tried to remain calm as he shouted over the crowd, asking for all rune/special item donations and if anyone else needed uniforms. At 1:50, Xonar started walking towards the gate, and the rest of the MaSoRS formed a conga behind him. People walking by were amazed, inserting themselves into the conga at random places.

The conga moved north to the forest above Varrock, picking up even more people as it went along. Eventually, somewhere in the trees, Xonar realized that the conga was going to arrive at the drop before 2:00. That was a problem. So, Xonar told everyone to wait a few minutes before continuing on. He logged on to a character he has made just for this event, named MaSoRS, that was standing just outside the house with men in Edgeville, where the party was to be held. Poor MaSoRS was immediately surrounded by 20 people asking if the drop party was starting, where was MaSoRS, etc. There were already AT LEAST 80 people there, waiting, and it wasn't even 2:00 yet! With the image of 200 people loggin in at 2 at the drop site and swelling the crowd in his mind, Xonar logged back in.

He logged in to yet another big surprise. Ssman, a new member of the clan, has brought along 20 rune larges to be dropped! Xonar took as much as he could hold, and Ssman gave the rest to Cover Me to drop. With the added 20 rune larges, the amount of the drop party had swollen to a maddening 4 million gp! Not bad for 3 weeks of planning!

They formed up into a conga again, rushing for Edgeville. As they reached the man-house, the crowd was in awe of the huge line of MaSoRS. People said things like "Wow there's a lot of them" and "Whoa!" And they hadn't even seen us drop anything yet!

Xonar announced the party, and it began. In the first minute of the party, 2 rune larges were dropped, thanks to Ssman. Visitor's excellent coordination and handling of the drop, bank, and fire teams led to a constant flow of addy and mith items appearing all over the place.

With people logging in left and right, it was obvious the little building could not hold the huge crowd. Xonar and a few others began dropping to the north of the building, and others soon followed suit, moving the drop party outside.

And so the drop went on. And on. And on! The drops seemed to never stop coming. The crowd was constantly shifting; red dots were appearing under people and disappearing in the blink of an eye. And not much of it was from telegrabbers. Xonar dropped some more rune, even some in the wilderness. He even got attacked once as he stepped in. Fortunately, the pker with full rune was only able to hit a measley 9 on Xonar's priest robes.

Xonar had a new idea for most of the rune, though. He began holding trivia contests for most of the larges and chests he held. He would spam the drop party area for a few seconds, drawing people away to a quieter area, where he would ask either a trivia question about Runescape or one about his life. People scrambled for the answers, prizes were given out, and people began following Xonar and other high-level MaSoRS around (such as Cover and Dragon, even though they had little to no rune), waiting for the next question to begin!

After about an hour and a half, Cover and Vis, who were in charge of the main banks of MaSoRS, said they were on their last load of items. Although the crowd had somewhat dissipated, there were still well over 100 people there. At the height of the party, it was estimated that over 170 people were present at the party! Xonar decided to drop his last few rune items instead of holding trivia for them.

Finally, after about an hour and a half, MaSoRS ran out of items to drop. Xonar thanked everyone for coming, also giving credit to the drop teams, Visitor, Dragon, Ssman, Cover Me, and other notables on the boards. He logged out and went to a short post-party meeting above the Edgeville General Store on a different server. After 3 short weeks of planning, the MaSoRS had successfully put on the greatest party on RSC since the old days of W13 and Warriorprinx! Little did anyone in MaSoRS know, however, that the days of glory, fame, and legend were only beginning.




1st Anniversary Drop Party

25th September 2004

History Extract:

Chapter 14: The Anniversary Drop 25th September 2004

With a 17 page temp sticky on RS Community supporting us before the event (over 35 pages at end) With Over 30 Million in items (probably nearer 40 as a couple of million were donated in the last few hours) we owned world 14. As per usual we crashed the chat server, we lagged Al Kharid to death and dropped our entire banks on an expectant Runescape. Gufando donated his yellow party hat in and a level 48 got it. We dropped for nearly 3 hours till the bankers were emptyand Unholyarmyof1 had gained over 40k firemaking experience After the event those who survived its entirity went to Varrock for an wind down.





1.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

February, 2005

History Extract:

Chapter 16: February 19th 2005 - Masors drop party

Heavily advertised with a 25 mill drop value- 86 pages on the RS Official Forums, 18 on RSC. A few of us went to the party site 4 hours before the party start. At the time of the party Masors headed from Varrock to Al Kharid in our customary uniform and style, did a lap of the bank and began. Dropping in teams for the first time in 3 parties the drop only took 90 minutes.The quizzing of god and trimmed armour took place in Kharid Castle - Toe tried to run it but it took both Toe and mod Jorgefire with his white crown to cut through the crowds and get the true questions heard. The teamwork that has been honed through our weekly co operative events and previous parties served us well and from a management viewpoint was much smoother than previous times (We just keep getting better)



2nd Anniversary Drop Party

September, 2005

History Extract:

The drop began as such, masors met in draynor, and seperated into two conga's, one heading around fally, through barb village and into edge, the other, leaded by our honoured guest of the party visitor58, passed via draynor to the barb village, to varrock, and up along the wildy boarder, entering through the east. This was done deliberately to atract more people to the party, to atract many more instead of one conga, hit both main towns.

Next, the dropping began with three of the four teams, and thirty minutes after the dropping commenced Mg30dfx and i began the trivia, john on camtasia and i announcing, because Canta was not present and nor could not be on. The trivia lasted until all the items where dropped. The reason for camtasia was to verify the winners and not because so many people where using the chat box. It was set up as so so no one would win in place of the true champion. This party went pretty smoothly compared to a few others precedent. We crashed the chat server a few times as well. In fact, when ever the answers started comming in, i'd get disconected. Poor John. At the height of the trivia, i dropped a few items for fair play to those who lagged. Later on i'll post a picture of a guthix skirt and its 269 options. One more thing, a big hand to deviation 2 for her part in advertising to thirty nine clans, of which eleven or so had our party stickied on there boards. That is why our party had a good ammount of higher leveled pkers who just enjoyed the party.



MaSoRs 2.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

March, 2006

History Extract:

Chapter 20: The Masors' 2.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party - March 25th, 2006

This drop party was different from all the previous ones, in that only EM+ and selected members would be dropping valuable items, with regular members dropping masks and/or firemaking. The drop teams were as follows a few days before the drop party.

Team Shoes

Leader: Susan

Team Suomen sisällissodan jälkeen neuvostoliittoon karanneiden punakaartilaisten vuonna 1918 perustama Suomen kommunistinen drop-ryhmä

AKA Team Waffen-KEK

Leader: Dreikki

Team Firepower

Leader: Unholy

Team Pwnage

Leader: Stinkysmom

Along with masking drop teams Red, Blue and Green and Firemaking teams Orange, Yellow and Magenta. This drop party, we had about 60 million gp worth in items, a bit less than the 86 million raised in the September '05 party. As usual, we congaed from Draynor to our drop party location led by Leader Firestorm456. Our location this time was Al Kahrid this time, and we began dropping within minutes of arrival, due to heavy preparation. After a while, we began our traditional trivia'ing hosted this time by Norway Boy and Ronald Liu, in which we caused over 400 people to lag out after every question, which was a new record for our drop parties. Dorny and SDalmonte manned the Camtasias, and trivia proceeded smoothly, interuppted only when Norway Boy was lagged out by the chat server crashing. Anyway, this party was a great sucess, and the Masors reputation grew even more among the general public. This, like all of our drop parties, will never be forgotten.


MaSoRs 3rd Anniversary Drop Party

September, 2006

History Extract:

Chapter 20: The Masors' 2.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party - March 25th, 2006

The Masors' 3 Year Anniversary Drop Party was held on September 30th, 2006. This time around, the Masors Team had 4 drop teams, composed of the below:

Team Hairy Lamby - Susan, megalord, John, Wil

Team Margarita - Lokiri, smfE, Ih8u4ever, Gold_Buda

Team Supergalactic Spungos - jyang93, icechicken13, warcalibur, and theweirdhobo

Team Identity Crisis - Sdalmonte, bnncer, floppy, Silver (+Krabbetje)

Dropping over 75 mil in items, the Masors took to Al Kharid as their drop party location, featuring drop zones around the bank and south of Al Kharid castle, and trivia being held in the castle. In addition, the rest of the masors were out in force, annoying all the tele grabbers and the like. The firemaking and masking teams are listed below as they were the week before the drop party.

Firemaking Teams

Team Charmander - Link dragmire (Leader), kamitoachi, rock chick laura, mattyb3

Team Growlithe - Galaad2 (Leader), Fiddy99, Jared, J36miles

Team Flareon - Womz (Leader), Uber Noob, dominator96, xx_swimer_xx

Masking Teams

Team Red Power Rangers - Haldir, Mystyrose, flyaway46, Mortemore

Team Green Power Rangers - Tybuoy, Gun, Jinxedfire, Johnny Deg,

Team Yellow Power Rangers - Ronald, Gilformen, Rikuym, Ujwik

What else is there to say? With this much organization, the party was a huge success, drawing in over 30 new accounts in one day. Here are a couple pictures provided after the party.


MaSoRs 3.5 Year Drop Party

March, 2007

MaSoRs 4th Anniversary Drop Party

September, 2007

MaSoRs Christmas 09 Drop Party

December, 2009


MaSoRs 8th Anniversary Drop Party,

August, 2011


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