The MaSoRs 8th Anniversary Drop Party


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Dear all,

You are most cordially invited to the MaSoRs 8th Anniversary Drop Party, tentatively scheduled for August 27th, 2011 (date is subject to change).

Location: Al Kharid

Time: 3 PM - 5 PM Eastern; 8 PM - 10 PM Britain

Total Value of Items to be Dropped: 1.1 BILLION!

With the return of free trade comes the return of the MaSoRs Drop Parties! Renowned years past for their epic scale and grandeur, the MaSoRs are proud to announce their 8th Anniversary Drop Party. We will be featuring trivia, random firemaking, and of course, millions of gp worth in items! Our target for this drop party is 200m+ in dropped items.

More details will emerge as the date draws closer. Any questions can be posted in this topic or directed to myself.

For the Leaders of MaSoRs,


Drop Party Coordinator

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making money now, but i think we should start announcing!

more advertizing events, like firefests :runepick:

I agree, lets burn everything, but why stop at rs? I believe irl fire settings would garner more attention to our noble, just cause.

And this is why i don't lead any marketing departments anywhere. Imagine, the stunts i'd pull.

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